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So, hi! I don't even know if anyone even checks here anymore. But, yeah, hi! How are you guys??

Okay, so a lot has happened within the span of... shit, IDK how many years since I WAS active in the art world.

So, to summarize my life during that time I was out, in a nutshell; My dad got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in Feb 2019. My boyfriend (now, husband) decided to push the marriage we planned for 2020 to Sept 2019. I left my job at GameStop of 5 years, and landed a job after moving to NY. Dad's cancer has spread to his spine, and eventually throughout his whole body. He passed away on his hospital bed in Feb 2020, almost a full year after he was diagnosed. Global pandemic hit NY and my work hours got cut from an average of 40 hours down to 14 hours. So between working the little hours I managed to snag, helping my mom out back in PA, and also helping out my husband and his parents. I was slowly drawing again, and that's when my spark and motivation slowly came back.

And here I am. I know that summary got grim pretty quick, but I aim to move forward and keeping things on a positive note. Especially with how 2020 is now, shit.

To which brings me to debating on whether or not I should just continue using this account, or just make a brand new one and start fresh?

Either way, I'll think on it. I hope you guys are doing alright. I do miss dA. Just need to really take a bit to process all these changes here.

In the meantime, you can follow me on:

Take care! <3

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Wow, that's a lot.

There's been an awful lot of oldschool dA artists popping up on old accounts as of late. Weird. Also, people on my watch list moving to new places. All within the span of a month! What's up with that? i'm with you on debating whether to stick with current (old) accounts or move onto something new. i'm opting to stick where i am because at least i already have a base of friends ( i think?) who might recognize my work when i post again. i also have my back catalog for new watchers to see my progress. (if you can even call my gallery "progress") Starting over would mean starting from the very bottom; but for what reason? To rebuild your watcher list all over again? i like the idea of keeping an OG dA account for street cred. LOL

i mean, you do you, but i think you should keep on your current account; at least until you know if it'll work to your advantage or not.

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Yea, for real, I'm noticing that trend too. If it was happening around April/May, then it would make some better sense. But hey, it's good knowing that they're still kickin'.

I'm better off sticking to my current account as well. The only platform I started from scratch is Tumblr, and that's only because I didn't really put that much effort into keeping it alive then (plus it was a bit of a jumbled mess than just keeping it as an art blog). But yea, I rather keep whatever street cred I have and just focus on getting my watch/follow list back up slowly.

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I'm sorry to hear all this 3= but it's good to know you're okay, also congrats on the marriage X3