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Wow, its almost a year since i last updated, i almost completely forgot about this place.
With all the moving around .. Im now in Vancouver, bc, Canada.

I have tons of photos im going to start putting up. i still have my trusty canon 350d, and my latest addition is a 50mm macro lens.

A lot of my general traveling photos are up on my (with my gf) flicker site:…

Anyways i hope who ever is watching likes the new photos.

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Its been a long time since ive had the time to put some photos online any where. So i figured now was a brilliant time. And now that winter is creeping up, ill be indoors more with time to go through some of my more beaut photos.

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Well i made it, im finally settled in to my new life in montreal.

I wish someone had slapped me round a bit, so id actually realised what a cold place ive moved too.

No its not that bad, im living in the heart of the french section of the Plateau, which is awesome............ and i cant speak any french, so day to day life is a challange and a half.

But anyways some more photos will follow some time in the next week or so, i spent a good 4hrs in -13' , walking around old montreal taking some nice photos of the old building and rich textures.

This city, is one of the most beautiful cities ive been too. its fantastic.
And the beer here is great too, its got my australian stamp of approval.

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Hey Everyone,

Sorry about not doing any updats for awhile.
Im flying out to Montreal in Canada tommrow morning to start my new job.
Yay for employment.

So i promise very soon ill have some awesome pics of montreal.

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As you can see for the latest pics in my gallery, Ive been out in dubbo.
Its a good 6hr drive north west of sydney. Which means its pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.
Twas a great drive, you could tell which property's had bore water as there paddocks were nice and green and there neibours were pretty much dead.
I dont think dubbo has had rain for serveral months now.

The sunsets are magnificent. The country side is beautiful.

Other than that now im back in sydney , slowly working on getting some more pics up.
Also trying to automate my address book, so it will format it for my psp.
So ive almost made the interface in photoshop and then ill push it to html and then use perl to write 300 odd contacts to 300 html pages and link em all togather... yay.

Once i get it working ill upload a screen shot that im happy with.
Keep mixing up the syntax of mel and perl.... driving me crazy. (2 scripting languages)

Other than that im still "0n holidays" , still looking for some work.
So its finally over, well almost.
My 2.5 year of work on Happy feet has come to its end, now all that left is to watch it in the cinemas when it is released.
Yay, so very happy.

No its back to the job hunt to find another cool film project to work on.
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Well ill be unemployed in 2 weeks, so ill get some more phots up then.
Currently working 80ish hours a week, lots of fun to be had and dont really want to switch on my pc at home. Oh well we will see.
Im hoping to get a few more pics up tonight.  Depending on when i finish work......
*AUSTRALIA 2-0 vs KUWAIT*  Asian Cup qualifier match. wooooooohoooooo!!

Ive been doing feather groom fixes for one of the bird characters today. Ive spent 8hrs moving hair guide curves round and doing test renders, then moving the guide curves around again...etc...  So much work for only 20sec of footage.

<insert Shameless plug>
oooooooOOOOOOoooooo they also did an update to the movies website the other day.
</insert Shameless plug>
mmmm Vodka/redbull at 11pm at night is not the smartest move ive ever made.

But it gave me a few extra hours to sort throu my photos and work out which ones ill put up next.