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because Y.O.U. M.A.T.T.E.R. T.O. M.E. by KyMatheson because Y.O.U. M.A.T.T.E.R. T.O. M.E. :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 1 0 because I was N.O.T. E.N.O.U.G.H by KyMatheson because I was N.O.T. E.N.O.U.G.H :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 0 0 My Dear by KyMatheson My Dear :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 1 0
new, different, not enough (pathetic)
New hands
          baby hands
     tiny fingers
       and teeny palms
     and smooth
Little hands
        tugging at everything
Walking now
   hands stabilize
      hold tight
    smacking against the wall
Kindergartner hands
  can't fit in mouth anymore
     can use a crayon!
        on the walls
Big Kid hands
  Big Kid words
    Big Kid bat
      Big Kid ball
          Big Kid hands
Little league glove
  heavy bat
     can write a paragraph
       tag them out
      high fives
     self assured
    backpack in hand
        pencils in the front pocket
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Valentine's card template (transparent) - Rainbow by KyMatheson Valentine's card template (transparent) - Rainbow :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 1 0 Valentine's Day card template (transparent) by KyMatheson Valentine's Day card template (transparent) :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 1 0
I Am (Me), I Can (Be), I Will (Be Me)
I am me, that's who I am,
And if that don't fit with your plan,
Well, I'll stay here and take a stand,
And you can leave me to be the man —
I am
I can
I have become
I've grown
I know
And no,
You can't come
And take from me
My identity
And you are free
To disagree
But I'll still be
And I'll show
That even though
I was before
I am not
That anymore
So you have got
To take your
Opinions and thoughts
Push them through
That shut tight door
And you can go
And just ignore
Or worse yet
Completely forget
All my words
All my hurt
And it'll be just
Another regret
That I did trust
And I revealed
Tried to discuss
But I was amiss
And you resist
That I am this
And this is real
How I feel
And you can plead
But I won't concede
But I have a heart
And it still beats
But it still scars
And it still bleeds
And someday
It may
Finally heal
But I am not
Made of steel
So I fall
And I break
And I bruise
And I cry
But I refuse
To lose
So I will take
It all
The abuse
'cause I choose
To never give
And I'll li
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Holiday Card Template by KyMatheson Holiday Card Template :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 1 0 Butterfly by KyMatheson Butterfly :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 0 0 Shy by KyMatheson Shy :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 0 0 Juicy by KyMatheson Juicy :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 1 0 Blue Eye by KyMatheson Blue Eye :iconkymatheson:KyMatheson 3 0


Between the Sword and the Pen
I heard there was a battle,
between a pen and a sword.
Between a few deathly strikes,
and one simple word
The sword could not defeat
a few thousand men,
A thousand worded lecture
was written by the pen.
The lecture drove them all, 
to temporary death.
Its words dragged on like lullabies,
and stole their very breath.
The sword was not able
to bring tears to ones eyes,
Without striking love
and telling many lies.
The pen however knew how
to make ones insides melt,
when composing a sonnet
so powerful and svelte.
The sword ended up covered,
with blood and salty tears.
It's blade getting heavy,
from battling all those years.
And I hear that they still battle,
the sword and the pen.
Words clashing, sword smashing,
Again and again.
If you stop- and listen closely,
You'll hear the pens words.
You'll hear them calling out,
against the metal swords.
:iconxmajutsu-shix:XMajutsu-shiX 601 74
Before I Can Become a Writer
Develop insomnia. Develop
problems with substance abuse,
nothing serious, but enough
that I can say “write drunk,
edit sober” and mean it.
Drink tea. Write about drinking
tea. Take up smoking, ignore
the thoughts about it being
a slower suicide. Write about
suicide. Don’t mean it.
Write about sunsets and
ink veins. Mean it.
Fall in love with someone
who will never love me back.
Lament. Write a million
crappy poems and two good
ones. Never show him.
Move on. Write a few more
bad poems. Fall in love with
someone perfect. Screw it up.
Fall in love with someone awful.
Call him perfect. Screw it up.
Cry. Cry for the inevitable,
the way my family never
loved me right, the way my
first kiss was regrettable
at best, the way my therapist
says my depression is a demon
taking over me. Cry for the
changeable, the way
I hate my body and my writing
and everything I live to be.
Use clichés. Live clichés,
breathe clichés, be
a cliché. Write a poem
about ho
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I've been dragged deep into the Gravity Falls fandom, and it's actually helping with my depression. Who'd have thought? (:
If I ever do or say something that makes you uncomfortable, please tell me! I don't intend to make anyone feel uncomfortable or unsafe, so if I do, I will apologize and stop.
However, this does not mean I will not post my art. I will put a mature warning on anything that may contain sensitive content, though.
My poetry seems to be sliding into a very familiar pattern, one I don't really want to get back into, but for the art, I will do what I must. ('owo)9


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Before-October Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fave and the watch! I love your poems! :3
KyMatheson Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
It's no problem at all; you're really good! And thank you very much! I don't often get inspiration for poetry, but they're always a great way to vent about injustices in the world, and it makes me feel better once I've written them down.
Have a great day, and remember: stay awesome!~ ★
Before-October Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! And yeah I know what you mean. I am horrid at peotry yet I still write some to unbottle my feelings. I use drawing the same way sometimes.