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I couldn't help myself.. But there you were, lingering, just standing there still in the void in my head. Why were you standing there? Invading my mind.. What was I to do?

I couldn't decide whether I really wanted to talk to you again or not... Moments later, I found myself already messaging you on facebook. " -the hell am I doing?"
Soon after he replied.

You know it's really been awhile.. or so it seems. Not even enough time for one to reevaluate themselves. You're looking at around 2 nearly 3 months tops? Okay, so it seemed long to me. I couldn't take it anymore. I had some sort of urge, I needed to speak with you.. To know how you're doing, and if life is good.. Especially since I left the picture..

I had to anyways, I had no right to make you feel that way. But it's over now, right?
I just hope our friendship isn't.. Is there still hope? Out there for me? For our friendship that dangles by a thread.


As the time went by, I guess so did I. Ever since you went astray, it almost felt like I had to obey.. The roaming thoughts in my head, so many other things it could be instead. Lingering thoughts of you, here and there.. Only I know next what I dare to bare.

You're no Stranger to me, as I've known you for some time. I keep the memories of you in a special place in my head, like it's hidden in some brush with soft mist forming around it. A single beam of light breaks through, and floating there are the fond memories of you. So serene it seems, but inside lays more untold surprises.

I remember times when I'd look upon your face, as you'd meet my gaze, I'd find the expression I haven't seen in any other individual. Your eyes would give off this vibe that would crumple my brain. Softening the tissue inside, because even for me.. It was too much along the lines of potential danger to comprehend. Was I scared to venture deeper into this unknown feeling that came upon me? Scared of what exactly.. Change.

I'd stare into your eyes, not realizing what's reeling me in.. Then I'd snap out of it once I realize I'm suddenly in your embrace. That embrace I would like to experience again and again.. because something about it felt right in that moment. It felt safe.
Just some... dooble dabble fluff stuff. Haha, well I don't know. The "stories" I write here on my dA are actually based on real events/people in my life and I get inspired to write about them.. because just a few very people I meet in my life time have a big enough impact on me to get inspired and want to write about my experiences with them.. trying not to expose everything but.. like.. making it into a story I guess. I don't know. I'm confused :iconlazecryplz:
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August 20, 2013
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