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The Gardener of NabooBen rose with the dawn, beating the first beams of yellow light through the trees. He threw the double hinged doors wide, exposing the east side of the cabin to the distant horizon. Sat with his legs entwined, he teased his sleeping plaits out, first one side then the other, before tying them again for the day. They hung like a black flax either side of his neck before he fixed them together at the crown of his head to fall in a single strand.The sunlight crept forward, stretching along the floor until it met his bare chest and filtered through his eyelids. The light was of liquid gold, the branches a parade of green leaves and soft fruits.Birds called from their perches and critters scurried for food. As Ben stepped from the cabin barefoot into the trees, they stopped and watched. He plucked a plump shuura from a branch and bit into the soft flesh, the syrup chasing away the last silky remnants of sleep his morning meditations hadn’t swept aside. He held it up, half finished, for one of the squirrels to take back to its young. At first, he’d had to wait patient to feed them from his hand, now they came right up to his doorway and windows.His hunger sated; Ben walked the woods. The soft earth pressed against his feet, cool but not cold. He breathed deep the wet and wild scent, the heady spice of moss and wood, the pepper of stinging leaves, the perfume of a hundred other fruits. The remains of an evening rain trickled from the canopy, spilling down his face and chest where it landed with a sigh. At a ring of pale white mushrooms, he stopped, sensing the wise, kind face of his great-grandmother, before he stepped aside and continued.The trees thinned, falling away, until he passed through a perimeter of tall grass, soft as downy fur against his forearms, to the side of a sparkling pool. A wide circle of flowers, yellow, red and purple, surrounded the water like polished crystal in the surface of the earth.With slow sure steps, he walked the edge, examining the flowers. Sometimes he stopped to free a bloom from the grip of a weed or plucking a petal eater and transporting it to the grass instead. When he’d finished a revolution, he stripped and waded out into the water.Although the pool was by no means the widest on Naboo, and was shallowing with the summer sun, it stretched into dark depths. Ben dived all the way down, touching the soft mud at the bottom, and kicking up again where the water was clear.His plaits hung heavy down the hard curve of his spine, and his long fringe framed his face. He tipped back so that he floated, cradled by the water with his arms outstretched. Closing his eyes, he reached out, focussing on a tiny echo until he could see faint shapes of people playing at the water’s edge. He opened himself to the memories, left like ghosts where flowers now grew, until they cleared, and he could see them. His grandmother, so much younger than he was now, with her handmaidens before everything changed.“Isn’t it cold in there?” came a voice, rippling through the water.For a moment he thought his grandmother was somehow reaching out through the Force, but when he opened his eyes, it was Rey standing on the shore, flowers reaching her knees.Ben reorientated himself upright and treaded water in the middle of the pool. “Freezing!” he replied with a smile.Rey bent over, resting her hands on her knees, and called him as though she was trying to coax a timid shaak. Ben shook his head and dove forward, swimming all the way to shore.“I’m surprised you didn’t steal my clothes this time,” he said, striding out of the water and pushing his fringe out of his face.“Don’t tempt me,” Rey replied as she cast her eyes over him.Her robe was more cream and blue in the early morning light, and her hair was cropped shorter that it had been the month before. She held the strap of her lightsaber in place with one hand, the other she held out. Ben took it in his and, together, they walked a half moon around the pool until he found his slacks.“If that’s all you were wearing, you may as well have been naked,” Rey said. “I don’t think the critters will mind.”“Probably not,” Ben replied. “Knowing my luck, that’ll be when a delegation comes to visit the flowers.”“Or when a bunch of Gungans come on-land for the first time. Yikes.”“Or that.”After a moment, she asked, “Have you planted today’s flowers.”“Not yet.”“I thought it would get easier,” he said. “It was, but today…”“Ben, it’s alright,” Rey said, taking his hand again. “It’s been a year, of course it’s going to feel like reliving it all over again.”He nodded once and pressed his forehead against hers, the tips of her short fringe tickling his drying skin. With a deep breath, he turned towards the water where the sun sparkled and tiny, near invisible insects skittered across the surface.Closing his eyes and holding out his hands, he focussed on the bottom of the pool, where the seeds were nurtured until they were ready. He located them one by one in his mind, glimpsing their shapes before he brought them up to the surface.Without needing to open his eyes, he moved through the suspended seeds, until a fresh green shoot burst from their shell. He left it up to the Force where they would be planted, leaving himself only its instrument. They floated down to different sides of the water, sinking beneath the surface where, with time, a fresh flower would bloom. One for Shmi, one each for Anakin and Padmé, another for Luke, and one for Leia.“It’s beautiful, Ben. It really is,” Rey said. “Planting five new flowers every day, at this rate the entire planet will be a garden.”It used to be, from all Ben knew. War had left it devastated and even now it was still healing. The signs were all around them. The pool spilling out from their feet had been a bomb crater, now it brought life.A tickle brought Ben’s attention to his bare arm where an ant scurried along the crook of his elbow. He held up his hand and reached out with the Force. The ant paused and, through their shared connection, he saw an entire hive mind, perfect as the roots beneath his feet. There were the workers and the queen. Rey was right, Naboo would be a garden once again.“Things have calmed down a lot since you went into hiding,” Rey said. “You could come back.”“No,” Ben said, letting the ant scurry onto his hand. He lowered it to the grass and let it continue on its way. “Not yet.”“Sometimes, I wish could just stay here forever.”“The galaxy needs you more than me—”She snorted. “Liar.”“Maybe today the rest of the galaxy can wait.”“Just for today,” Rey said and leaned onto her toes to kiss him.When they returned to the cabin, the morning breeze played with Ben’s plaits, the dew was steaming off the trees, and everything was fresh and alive. A year had passed since they’d faced Palpatine, a year since his mother had died, a year since Rey had brought him back to life. Now he’d finish bringing Naboo back to life and then face whatever punishment the New Republic had in store for him.For now, he listened to the birds call, the whisper of wind through the branches, and held onto Rey’s hand with a smile at his lips.
Her Light Through Fog and Shdow (part six)“What about this one?” Rose asked, passing her the tablet. Rey glanced over the screen and tapped through the images. Two bedrooms, a lounge and kitchen-diner. Room for Rose’s bike and built-in storage besides. The rent wasn’t bad either once they’d split it in half.“It’s okay,” Rey said in the sort of tone that usually accompanied a shrug.“I’ll give them a call.” Rose took back the tablet. “Sure thing.”“Rey, your hair’s on fire.”She looked up. “What’s that?”“You’re not really into this, are you?”Rey put down the magazine she’d been thumbing through, one of the gossip rags Rose’s mum liked to buy. “I don’t like not being able to pull my own weight.”“I already told you, I’ll cover your share—”“Until I get a job, I know.” Rey sighed and smoothed out the magazine page. “You might be waiting a while by the looks of things.” Rose had her phone out and was tapping in the estate agent’s number. “Something will come along.”“Says you,” Rey said. “You make getting a grad job look easy.”“I got lucky. Oh yes, hello, I’m calling about one of your properties…”Rey tuned her out as she focused on the crossword puzzle at the back of the magazine. She didn’t know any of the answers so imagined words that might fit and questions to go along with them. Seven letters – another word for trouble. For the last few weeks, she’d been staying with Rose and her mum while they tried to find their own place. With Rose starting her new job soon, it would be easier to put a deposit down. Rey would have to keep looking, but at this rate she’d have to waitress or work the tills at some shop. Some mornings she just wanted to stay under the covers but what had that ever accomplished? At least she looked forward to her Skype calls with Ben. She hadn’t been sure at first, but she liked seeing him again, even through a screen. They’d made it to three calls without them turning dirty. After that, well, talking about their days hadn’t been top of the agenda. “Okay,” Rose said, setting her phone down. “We’ve got a viewing tomorrow at eleven. I’ll see if I can squeeze in a couple more but, to be honest, I’ve got my heart set on this one. How’s your job search going?” Oh yeah, that’s what she was supposed to be doing.*Rey held her phone at arm’s length and cupped her breast with her free hand. Ben watched her, all dark and brooding and beautiful, with his hand moving below the camera’s reach. She bit her lip, pinched a nipple and imagined his hands on her body. Only at the very back of her mind did she think of those hands as fists, the knuckles split. She buried those thoughts deeper. As she tilted the phone to give him a better look, Rey ran her hand across her stomach and under the covers. “I’m already so wet,” she said. Any earlier and it would have sounded stupid. Well, it did sound stupid, but they were both in on the joke and the punchline was pretty hot. “Show me.” Even through the phone, Ben’s voice was quiet and deep, like a shout echoed out into a whisper. “You first.” She fluttered her eyelids for good measure and gave him a sly smile, all at the corners of her lips. Ben smiled too, from what she could see of his face under the thick black tangles of his hair. He pivoted his phone and as the light adjusted and the screen bloomed, Rey could see his dick. He worked his hand up and down and the dark hair looked like shadow.“Now you,” he said in a breathy whisper. A knot tugged in her belly that made her twitch in the best way. She licked her lips and pushed back the covers. Before she’d let him get a good look, she wanted to tease him. Slowly as she could, Rey pointed the camera down until Ben would be able to see her middle finger gently rubbing.She had her arm out again, letting him see all of her as she rubbed harder. Her breath was getting heavy now. Ben looked like he was sweating and giving those grunts that made Rey quiver. A knock at the door. Two seconds. The door opened. “Rey, can I borrow—” “Rose!” Rey pulled the covers up to her chin, killed the Skype call and stuffed the phone under her pillow. “I, um…” She shut the door.Rey let out a breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding and fanned her face, trying to cool off all the blood that had rushed there. She and Rose had seen each other naked plenty of times before, but this was different. After texting Ben an explanation, she pulled on her pyjamas and went to go see whatever it was Rose had wanted.She was in the bathroom when Rey found her. “So, yeah, sorry,” she said, looking anywhere but at Rey.“What’s up?”“I just wanted to borrow your face scrub.” Rose hung her head like a kid who’d just been caught out doing something they shouldn’t. “I’m all out.”“Yeah, that’s fine.” Rey laughed. “Christ, Rose, you almost gave me a heart attack.”“I just didn’t realise you were, you know…”“Oh, like you never have when you thought I was asleep.”“No, never,” Rose said, far too quickly Rey thought. “Seriously?”Rose turned to the sink and plucked the face scrub off the shelf. “Not in the bedroom.”“Didn’t catch that.”“I did it in the shower. Happy now?”“Ecstatic,” Rey said and grabbed her toothbrush. After Rey had brushed her teeth and Rose’s face was well and truly scrubbed, they lingered in the space between their rooms, or at least Rose’s childhood room and the spare one Rey was staying in. “Seriously, I’m really sorry,” Rose said. “I didn’t even know you watched porn.”“Porn?” Rey said. “Oh right, yeah.” Rose liked to pretend that she and Ben weren’t, well dating wasn’t the right word, but whatever they were. Rey didn’t feel like correcting her. “You don’t?”Rose actually blushed. “Too weird,” she said. “Night.” When Rey got back into bed and checked her phone, there was a video of Ben finishing himself off. It would have been rude to not return the favour. *Now that she was here in person, Rey had to admit, the apartment was pretty perfect. She stood in a room with a window overlooking the road. She’d already staked her claim and rather than arguing Rose had only smiled. With only Rose working, it was going to be tough for a while. They could just about cover rent, but Rose’s parents would chip in for the rest. Rey didn’t have that luxury; she’d need to work to pull her weight and fast if they wanted to do anything other than just about manage. Moving from her room into Rose’s, she knew it would be worth the struggle. The estate agent lingered there looking awkward and fielding all the questions Rose had about utilities and security. Rey left them to it. In the lounge area, right where a sofa would go, she took a selfie and sent it to Ben. When he texted that he should come and see her, Rey responded that he should. So she was really doing this, moving into her own place, getting a real job and getting back together with Ben Solo. She wasn’t sure which frightened or thrilled her more....
Her Light Through Fog and Shadow (part five)The cops picked him up a little after nine following a tip off from campus security. Ben didn’t run when he saw seen the blue lights flash and heard the sirens scream. The buyer hadn’t stayed, she’d taken off with the coke. They loaded Ben into the back of the cruiser, processed him down at the station and set his bail. It wasn’t massively expensive, but more than he could afford. When they’d offered his phone call, it was Rey he’d first thought of. If he had called her, it would only seem like he hadn’t changed at all. Worse, Rey had never known about the drugs, knew nothing of Hux. Besides, what did he expect, that she’d drop whatever she as doing and drive from wherever she was living? Then there was Hux himself. Rich as he was, he’d never pay Ben’s bail.There was one other person who might pay. It was a long shot, but it was the only choice he had. He keyed the number in wrong at first and had to say it under his breath the second time to be certain. He listened to the dial tone and dug his thumbnail into the metal telephone cord. “Hello?” Her voice was rougher round the edges, but it was her. “Mum,” Ben said. “It’s me.”There was a pause, so long Ben thought the line had cut out. “It’s late.”“I know. I didn’t have anyone else to call.”“You’re in trouble?” She always knew what was going on with him. Always. “Yes.” His voice was wavering and his eyes stung.A long exhale. “Where are you? I’ll come get you.”Ben cleared his throat and told her. Leia said she’d be there within the hour. As Ben hung up, he leant against the payphone. He didn’t know if wanted to tear it off the wall or cry into the crook of his arm. Neither, as it happened, as an officer took him back to the cell where he waited for his mother to turn up.*They hadn’t talked about it. Ben had got in the passenger seat beside his mother and she’d driven them away from the station. By the time they were on the freeway, he realised they were headed home. His old home. Leia had paid his bail, collected him and driven twenty minutes without so much as two words to him. That was fair, Ben deserved worse. He’d half expected to tell him that was where he belonged. The rest of the journey passed in silence as Ben studied the shapes of distant trees silhouetted against the bruised purple sky. When they turned off the main road and onto the farm, Leia parked and turned off the engine. The dark closed in around them and slowly Ben’s eyes adjusted until he saw his mum angled in her seat towards him.“Why did you do it?” she asked after a while.Ben hesitated, but what good was that now? “I needed the money.”“I’m not talking about the drugs,” Leia said. “You could have killed your father.”A cold front rushed up Ben’s stomach and gripped at this chest. It was a conversation he’d imagined having a dozen different times and now it was happening he didn’t know how to answer. “I don’t know,” he said, looking down at his hands half hidden in the gloom. “You need to do better than that.”Ben tried to find the right words, but it always sounded a mess when he spoke. Nothing came out the way he wanted. It was only when he wrote that he could truly express what he meant.“One night.” Leia pulled the keys out of the ignition. Ben followed her inside. It was dark but that didn’t matter. He knew his way around by feel and found his old room at the top of the stairs.He’d expected it to look different from when he’d walked out at sixteen. When he switched the light on, everything was the same, even down to the poems pinned to the walls and those stupid swords he always bought on holidays.“Your father always thought you’d come home.”Ben turned and found Leia behind him, a glass of water in one hand and what looked like leftovers in the other. She handed both over. “We both did.”*It wasn’t an easy night’s sleep, but there’d been plenty worse. Leia woke early as always, did her morning yoga before breakfast and put the coffee on. There was no sign of Ben. It he’d eaten breakfast, he’d already cleaned up after himself. Part of her wished he’d stayed. She still needed an answer to help make sense of everything. Mostly, she wanted her son back.After breakfast, she showered and dressed and pinned her hair into place. As she passed Ben’s room, she stopped. The door was ajar and when she walked inside, there was a sheet of paper on the bed. It was just like Ben to vanish with only a note show for it. Leia sighed and began to read: Mum, Firstly, I’m so grateful that you came and paid my bail. I’ll pay it all back when I can, I promise. Right now, I can offer something else. An answer. I’ve already tried writing this four times tonight, so I’ll be as honest and to the point as I can be. Dad came to see me after I wrecked my old dorm room. He said it was all his fault, that he was a bad father, and he couldn’t blame me that I was angry and acting out. He thought it was all about him and when he said he was going to pull me out of college and bring me home, I just snapped. I shouted at him and all he did was try and hug me. I couldn’t take it. I shoved him, but he just tried it again. So I hit him and he wouldn’t fight back. I wish I stopped before it got so bad, but I couldn’t. I can’t explain it, it’s as if someone else was in control. I don’t know if that’s what you expected, or if it’s the answer you wanted, but you deserve an explanation. You might not be able to believe this, especially after last night, but I’m trying to sort things out. I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to hear from me again, but my number is still the same. Look after yourself.Your son, Ben. Leia folded the letter carefully, put it in her jewellery box, and hesitated only a moment before she called Han....
Her Light Through Fog and Shadow (part four)The strawberry margarita was so big it should have had its own orbit.“That’s obscene,” Rose said, trying to hide a smirk.“It’s not even the biggest they’ve got,” Rey replied and set the glass down on the table with two hands. The crust of sugar on the rim sparkled in the coloured spotlights. “Sure you don’t want another? I mean we could probably share this.”“Rey, there’s enough there to share with everyone.” Rose grabbed the wedge of lime from the rim and squeezed it into what remained of her first drink of the evening, a Moscow mule. “I’m good, though. I want a clear head for tomorrow.”Rey gave her best I’m-here-for-you smile and took a sip of her drink. The sweetness flooded her mouth. “I can still come with, if you want.”“That’s okay. I sort of just want it to be me and Paige this time. Not that I don’t appreciate your offer.”“It’s fine. Be with your sister.”Rose sat and poked at her drink with the straw. There wasn’t any ice left to clink against the glass. “I know it sounds bad, and obviously I want her to wake up, but it’s nice being able to read to her. She never could sit still. Probably why she wanted to be in the Air Force in the first place.”Rey let Rose talk, even if it did look like she was talking more to her glass than to her. God knows, Rose had been there for her over the last year with everything going wrong with Ben, and Finn in hospital. And then Paige’s accident. Well, the least Rey could do was be there for her friend.“I’ve almost finished with Narnia,” Rose said. “Paige loved those stories when we were kids. She wasn’t much of a reader, so I don’t really know what to start next.”“Our textbooks are off the table I take it?”Rose grinned. “She’d probably like those actually. Anything to do with planes. But no, I want something to remind her of home, help her find her way back. What was your favourite book as a kid?”Rey had finished half her margarita without even realising. Sweetness really was her weakness. By now the bar had fuzzy edges and everything looked a little more pastel. Rose’s question. Right, Rey’s favourite childhood book. Was there one? Peter Rabbit in the care home, maybe, but she couldn’t see Rose wanting to read that to her sister. There was one book, though, they’d had to study before she’d moved to the US. “Pride and Prejudice,” she blurted it out like a confession. That sounded a lot like drunk Rey. “Austen, seriously?”“What, it’s romantic.”“I just didn’t think you really did romantic-romantic. You know?”“I can do be romantic.” She tutted. “Be romantic.”Rose smiled, but this time it looked painted on. She sipped at her drink which must have been room temperature by now. Her hand was cool, though, when Rey took it in hers.“Anyone here catch your eye?” she asked.Rose looked around the room but when she put a hand across her brow like she was on safari, it was obvious she was taking the piss. “I’m good. Sworn off love for life. Well, for a while.”Rey raised her glass. “I’ll drink to that.”“Liar.” Rose sounded pretty serious about that, so Rey let it be. “We should dance,” she said after a while. “You haven’t finished your drink yet.”With an eyebrow raised, Rey grabbed the glass and downed it. She was only almost sick once.Rose looked at her with a mix of awe and disappointment on her face. A classic Rose expression if ever Rey had seen one. “Well okay,” she said and held out her hand.Rey grabbed it and headed off for the dancefloor. She didn’t recognise the song, she’d been too busy or broke lately to recognise many songs, but there was a beat and she felt good. Right now, that was all that mattered. *“No, no, no, Rey. You can’t pee there,” Rose said, grabbing her friend by the shoulders and leading her away from the doorway. “But I need to pee pee,” Rey said, though slurred was probably a better fit. She always got like this when she had five drinks too many, like a five-foot baby.Not for the first time, Rose helped Rey back to their room. It would have been easier to get an Uber or the bus at least, but there were two problems with that. First, Rey had spent all their money for the evening on margaritas and then a bunch of cocktails Rose had never even heard of. Second, well, Rey tried to kiss or fight anyone she came across when she was this drunk, so that meant buses were a big no.Oh, she was singing now. Sounded like Kiss, but, honestly, it could have been anything. At least she wasn’t trying to pee against a door again. She didn’t weigh much, so Rose was temped to just pick her up and carry her back to campus. But then what if she threw up all over her yellow jacket. Paige had bought her that for her twenty-first. Probably better just to lead her home like all the other times before.“Ben thah… the tuuu of usss need like… need look like… look no mooore,” Rey sang in between belches. She jumped about in the song and for two minutes straight just kept repeating “A friend like Ben” over and over.“No, we don’t need a friend like Ben, thank you,” Rose said, urging Rey forward. “But he’s my Ben. Friend like Ben-Ben.”“Some friend.” Rose said it quiet enough so that Rey didn’t hear it. Even if she had, she probably wouldn’t have realised, or remembered in the morning.There was no escaping it. Rey really did seem like she was getting back with Ben goddamn Solo again, bit by bit. After everything he’d done. Putting his dad in the hospital wasn’t enough, no, he had to go and beat Finn to within an inch of his life. “Rey, this way. No, don’t take off your shoes again.”Still, Ben was Rey’s mistake to make, but it felt like she was dragging everyone else into their drama again. Ben was like a storm that everyone else got caught in. Finally, Rose got Rey back to their dorm. After helping her pee and then puke – twice – she got her changed and into bed. “Nighty nighty night,” Rey said. She leant up and kissed Rose on the lips.“Okay, that just happened. Well, goodnight Rey. There’s a bucket here, by the bed, see, if you need it.”Rey nodded but her eyes were already closed. Rose wondered if she should put her in recovery position just to be on the safe side.“He’s really trying,” Rey said, quite like a whisper. Rose didn’t have a response to that, but Rey didn’t say anything else and was already drooling by the time Rose had put her own pyjamas on.“Night, Rey,” she said. Before she turned off the lamp, she kissed the silver half-moon pendant she wore around her neck, the half she’d kept when she’d given the other to Paige.As she drifted off to sleep, jolted occasionally by a murmur or snort from Rey, Rose thought about what came next. An engineering job, her own place, a real income. Where was Rey in all that? How did Rose fit into her life with Ben Solo back on the scene? She didn’t have any answers, and there were none waiting for her in the morning....
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May the 4th Be With You (Watercolor) by snowcloud8
Kylo Ren wallpaper 14 by HappinessIsMusic
Kylo Ren Wallpaper 13 by HappinessIsMusic
Adam Driver wallpaper 67 by HappinessIsMusic


At least.. by JojoPloy At least.. :iconjojoploy:JojoPloy 124 9 ros/reylo by colgatetotal97 ros/reylo :iconcolgatetotal97:colgatetotal97 95 2 Star Wars: Rurouni Ben by alexiela-art Star Wars: Rurouni Ben :iconalexiela-art:alexiela-art 380 10 REYLO by LauraIBC REYLO :iconlauraibc:LauraIBC 130 6 reylo by Freiheit reylo :iconfreiheit:Freiheit 263 2 Reylo - Forgiveness by LiberLibelula Reylo - Forgiveness :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 722 46 Reylo - The Pull From The Light by pandacapuccino Reylo - The Pull From The Light :iconpandacapuccino:pandacapuccino 724 12 Reylo~ by MonneKiakia Reylo~ :iconmonnekiakia:MonneKiakia 473 23 reylo by oh-odree reylo :iconoh-odree:oh-odree 154 8 Reylo by TeraStormTAS Reylo :iconterastormtas:TeraStormTAS 162 11 REYLO by LauraIBC REYLO :iconlauraibc:LauraIBC 203 9 Kylo Ren : Is the light side stronger ? by deviantetienne Kylo Ren : Is the light side stronger ? :icondeviantetienne:deviantetienne 589 141 Star Wars - Kylo Ren : I'll keep an eye on him by deviantetienne Star Wars - Kylo Ren : I'll keep an eye on him :icondeviantetienne:deviantetienne 214 44 Rey and Kylo by Teq-Uila Rey and Kylo :iconteq-uila:Teq-Uila 1,054 144 Kylo And Ray by IgorAstakhov Kylo And Ray :iconigorastakhov:IgorAstakhov 76 5 The Force Awakens sketches by InvaderSpotteh The Force Awakens sketches :iconinvaderspotteh:InvaderSpotteh 26 7





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