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Kingdom Hearts III - Namine

By KylieStylish
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Namine from Kingdom Hearts III for XPS.

•The Model comes as xps.xps & .mesh.ascii (Use the unconverted.mesh.ascii file for advanced rendering on Blender or 3Ds Max, it has intact weights)
•Use with lightmaps, metallic maps.

UPDATE: Fixed a small problem with alpha in the hair.

Namine belongs to: 
Square Enix.
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Question: Is there any way to edit the texture of her skin and get rid of the black lines whenever I remove her sandals?
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Thats from her AO, spot the place and use a soft white brush to remove the shadows.
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or simply use the model's second uv for the ao texture

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Namine its here!! Awesome!! Thanks a lot!! :hug:

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Are you going to be uploading KH1 Sora, or is Sticklove going to?
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Are planning to upload Kairi too, plus maybe some of the new Heartlesses?
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Kairi will be done by Sticklove.
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Awesome, thanks for the info! :)
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Wait why does namime's hair not have alpha?
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Thanks for the heads up, please re-download.
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Thank youuuuuuuu!!! Can you do Kairi and Xion next?
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hi, could you please port jack sparrow?
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How come Namine_Hair_S, Namine_Dress_S and Namine_Acc_S are just the regular textures and not the actual specs? Were the Specs not found?
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Look closely, they are edited from the diffuse cuz there is no spec in KH.
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OH FUCK YES?!?!?!?

Thank god, an official model! Thank you SO much!
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She looks so cute! Are you going to upload Kairi next?
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Amazing! I'm curious. Will Dark Inferno be making an appearance as well? :) 

And thanks for sharing these KH3 models. ^^
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