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Ograbme Disposition

By kylewright
The heavy weights become summoned by the sounds of thunder, the thuds of hail, and the disasters of nature. This Thundersaur gravitated towards the need for radiation after the recent hail storm refrigerated the country air. This snapping turtle probably weighed around 30-40 lbs. with a shell approximately 16-17 inches long.

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Spectacular photo!

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Can anyone believe that some people actually esteem snapping turtles as a delicacy? They are carnivores and the nutritional value of carnivore meat declines as trophic levels are ascended. Then again the people who like eating snapping turtles are the same kind of people who grill road killed varmints on their barbie in front of their beaten down trailer.
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A very detailed shot
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Awesome capture! :)
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Wow, wonderful!
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Good hunt!! Awesome!!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :eye:
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Thems are finger cutters haha
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I wanted to let you know I've featured your deviation in the APN Daily Deviations - July 2011 News Article. :aww:
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Awesome! Thank you so much!
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No problem :aww:
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woah great capture. very prehistoric :)
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I'm pretty sure I fought this thing in final fantasy.
mad bro?

that's the first thing i thought when i saw this.
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Great pic and amazing detail! :)
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Gorgeous photo, I love the lighting and the DOF. One of the best closeups of a turtle I have ever seen.
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does anyone else think this turtle looks really really happy?
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What a great shot! The light makes this snapper look like some kind of futuristic tank!
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Woah! This guy's big!! I almost stepped on one of these in the creek behind my house then he came after me! xD I thought he was a rock! ^^;
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Magnificent animal, and a great shot
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it kinda looks like a cocodrile.. it is a turtle right?
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Blastoise used Bite!
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We put this beast in the living! :clap: :devart:
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