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A long long battle

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(Not Canon)
Both Tex and Rewind ended up staying in the same AU for a while do to their way of transport needing to recharge, accidentally staying a lot longer do to making the card game first one to 45 out of 99.
Text: My handwriting is kinda bad...I should had typed >-> (plus a few edits from the comic...)
Tex: (How is this battle lasting this long?)
Rewind: "I'm surprised you lasted this long"
Tex: (I'm drooling...gotta end it before it makes a turn for the worst)
Rewind: (This battle is over, all I gotta do is-)
Tex: *smirks* "heh heh"
Rewind: (wait...Don't tell me he haves it!)
Tex: "Uno, Plus Four"
Rewind: "I almost won..."

btw, the red near rewind's mouth is ketchup. I just forgotten to put it back on when I done the line art for the final panel ">->

Rewind's creator: WishingStarInAJar 
Tex/MissingTexture!Sans is mine
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Hhehe, this is very cute! Someone drew Rewind playing Uno before and it became sort of a running joke that he tends to lose the game, so to see him with at least 44 wins gives me hope that he isn't as terrible at the game as intentionally thought xDD Still, congrats, Tex!

Thank you for drawing this! <3
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what's funny is I glanced at the art and thought "cool" and when I finished this small comic and posted it, looking through some art again, and found the exact art and realized "oh wait...rewind was playing uno?!?" not realizing the giant Uno letters above their heads xD