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Storm filled skies of emotion decreed,
from a single flake to mountain crested.
The avalanche of grim silence adds speed,
gaining mass with each minute invested.
Slipping and sighing, screaming and sliding,
Tranquility hastens devastation.
Each sunrise we face response in hiding,
contributes to our hearts glaciation.
Reading truth on the universal wall,
shows memories are the only true cost.
Gravity and entropy impact all,
energy to matter and nothing lost.
The laws of physics will always apply,
Another will glow in your lost supply.
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Cinquains - A 5 minute Study
-My Wife
Sexy Librarian
Smiling Shushing Stunning Looking
Such Love
-Acronymic Food
Zany Greasy Gooey
Zesty Pepperoni Chewy
Ate it.
-Math Geek
Negative Positive
Mathematical Mandelbrot
Petals Falling
Quickly Season Ending  
Snow Approaching Autumn Fading
All Die
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Certain Knowledge by kylere Certain Knowledge :iconkylere:kylere 0 10
Absinthe Beauty
My absinthe beauty, woman of madness,
Eyes shining tearing, street level cafe.
Sanity rises, inspired cool wind,
Lips licked gleaming, heart beating ballet.
Blushing laughs dancing, secret sharing pair,
Summer nights suit us, forever love young,
Flirting hands sliding, small gestures screaming.
Many albums past, not all songs are sung.
Alto Sax jamming, nerves running cold,
Whispers hot breathing, inches like miles,
Soft careful touches, pulling tightly wild,
Moments apart screaming, seconds like trials.
Bite, claw, soft, hard, slow, fast, mad, sane, sighs, cries,
Grin, laugh, stop, start, eyes, tastes, skin, hair, hands, thighs.
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Winter Wonderland
Bone white roads of winter, salted fields of snow.
Biting breeze and cutting winds, outside is all I know.
Grey dominates and eradicates, all traces of colour exhausted.
Seeping deep down and into me, edges of breath become frosted.
Cutting into my teeth, like a dentists drill.
Into the marrow of my bones, painful leukemic chill.
Whining spinning tires, pushing pulling tired.
Chlorides chemical fire, last of winters wood fired.
Look for and find beauty, in each miraculous snowflake.
Stand and admire too long, pneumonia thine life shall take.
Ears blue and frigid, eyes dropping tears of ice.
Skin crackling and cracking, one degree worth any price.
Glacial lines of pain, shivering and shuddering,
Wanting any help, and in need of cuddling.
My negative friend Kelvin, is such an absolute zero.
Any heat to challenge him, would stand as my hero.
:iconkylere:kylere 0 1
Hour by Hour
:iconkylere:kylere 4 11
Power of my will
With the power of my will,
And the strength of my thought,
I sought to forge beauty,
Now look what I have wrought.
I have twisted and torn us apart,
Through foolish words of temper lost,
What I will fight to regain,
At any possible cost.
My pride, my honour,
Shall never give in,
Such intense feeling,
Cannot be called sin.
Love is a lost word,
Meaning shrouded in pain,
Ripped apart by old time,
But now I feel its strain.
Find pleasure in my power
Seek safety in my arms
I,the armour that protects you,
From all the worlds harms.
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RIAA means we all pay
Burn, Baby, Burning!
Burn the chain stores!
Fat little men earning!
I am not yours!
Try to set the night on fire!
A and R, more like B and E!
Deciding the public desire!
ripping off you and me!
Go Away!
From me!
I have your mp3\'s,
I laugh at your case.
I burn with ease,
Smile in your face.
Music my erotica,
10 gigs, 20 gigs, 50 gigs more.
But not from Metallica,
That industry whore.
Lars gets but a drop,
Courtney knows the deal.
Twenty two ninety-nine a pop,
EMI knows how to steal.
A&M, MCA, Capitol,
Virgin, Elektra, Sony.
All they want is control,
All of them phony.
Mom and pop shops fall,
Neon shiny lip gloss wins.
Let\'s all go the the mall,
Hang out with friends.
M$ vaunts Palladium seal,
Then changes its name.
I know the deal,
am hip to their game.
MTV Top Twenty,
Picked from within.
Don\'t show videos,
How can you win?
Go see the concerts,
Give cash to the bands.
Buy yourself t-shirts,
Money in their hands.
:iconkylere:kylere 2 7
Sitting under a sea of blue
Golden fire burning my eyes
Languishing in thoughts of you
Sighing, forced by tasks to rise
Left the open air behind
Reentered the caverns of toil
In soft light felt near blind
Vision filled with burning oil
Focusing madly blinking
Flash of color neon bright
Laughing at my thinking
Your name seen in the light
Movement halting in smile
Eyes squeezed shut to see
Grinning wide all the while
What your love does to me
Searching the patterns fade
Trick of mind or sight
Squinting hard in the shade
Waiting for letters to ignite
The glare faded away
Unable to truth ascertain
Moved on in dismay
With you on my brain
:iconkylere:kylere 0 1
The Sonnets 1-6 together
:iconkylere:kylere 0 2


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I want to caution you though, I have kept backup copies offline and if you ever get out of hand in a parking lot again, or if I met a suspicious death even vaguely connected with you... They will be released!!! Think my friend of the concept of thoughtcrime, don't be a history editing Winston Smith, be the rebel Winston Smith! Remember who has shared the path you are walking...

"The broad mass of the nation … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." — Adolf Hitler, in his 1925 book Mein Kampf.
"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." — Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

Anywho, the post scrubbed of revealing trade secrets is reposted below; (well with some updates as needed) It seems Sya filled it out and challenged me to do the same.

My name is: Michael Laurence William Robert Kyle Scott Reed
-nicknames: Kylere
-sex: Male
-birthday: December 7th, 1969
-color: blue, specifically Moonlight Metallic Blue
-star sign: Sag
-place of birth: Flint, Michigan
-current residence: Flint, Michigan
-hair color: Brown
-eye color: Hazel
-height: 6'3"
-Weight: 240lbs
-writing hand: Right


-do you bite your nails: Yes
-can you roll your tongue: Yes
-can you blow smoke rings: Yes
-can you blow spit bubbles: Yes, tested this second
-can you cross your eyes: yes, but not as well as my step daughter
-tattoos and where: None, never been drunk and awake enough
-do you make your bed daily: why? So I can mess it up again later that night?
-what's sexiest on a guy: Hrm, leather seems to work for Jon Bon Jovi
-what's sexiest on a girl: Water
-do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl
-what utensils do you use eating pizza: fork and knife
-do you cook: When hunger kicks in


-how often do you brush your teeth: 1.7 times day
-do you shower/bathe: everyday, often twice
-how long do these showers last: 15 minutes or so
-hair drying method: Towel and Attitude
-do you swear: Sya said it well, "words are words. I choose the necessary words to make my point."
-do you pee in the shower: um… gross, agreed HARD
-what color is your bedroom: tan, white and black
-do you use an alarm clock: only on the weekdays if I can help it
-name four things or people you're obsessed with:
1. My Wife, and yes it could be an unhealthy amount of obsession with her, I struggle with it on a daily basis
2. Elves
3. Pink Floyd
4. My weight, I hate being 250 and am moving to 225 this summer (Muah made it to 240 but have added an inch to each arm :-)

-What's your sleeping position: Curled next to my wife on my side in the fetal position.
-in hot weather do you use a blanket: Nope, nekkid and cool
-do you sleepwalk: No
-do you talk in your sleep: Apparently Not
-how about the light on: no


had sex: yesterday morning now is Last Night
watched bambi: I think I was 8
cried: Hrm full out or just teary?
talked on the phone: A few minutes ago
read a book: About an hour ago


-is music important to you: yes
-do you sing: all the time
-what instruments do you play: The Mp3 Server
-what do you think of Eminem: L O S E R, lame lyrical content, weak music, I think it was best covered by the video with Dr. Dre driving the Car, with his bitch Eminem next to him in his little robin like outfit. Nice for a brother to take in a white man and make him like that.
-in your opinion what band is the best of all time: Pink Floyd, because they were pioneers. They were the digital artists of the music scene.


-pop music: no waay
-rock music: Yes
-punk music: right on!
-rap music: Only enought to annoy my wife
hip-hop/RB: I'm Rob Base and I came to get down!!
-country: Only if Shania and Faith do a lesbian love album with a DVD
-jazz: I dig it
-classical: Yes but the heavier stuff, older Mozart, Russian epic stuff, etc
-new age: sometimes
-hardcore: You do know that Vanilla Ice fronts a hard core band now right?
-indie rock: oh yeah, for sure!
-emo: Green Day is cool


-What do you notice first?: Eyes and legs
-Do you have a crush on anyone? I kinda have a thing for Denise Richards and Nicole Lenz
-Easiest to talk to: Myself


-Could you live without the computer?: How dare you speak such blasphemy?
-What's your favorite fruit?: Oranges
-What hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?: Emotional
-Trust others way too easily? I used to...


-Of times you have had your heart broken? 7 times
-Hearts you have broken? Several, but none intentionally
-Of girls kissed? Many :-)
-Of boys kissed? One, and no I am decided wired male/female but the individual in question deserved it
-Of drugs taken illegally? I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it might incriminate me.
-Of tight friends? I have none locally except my wife, and I hold out hope that someday I will have more
-Of CD's owned? Around 300 I think.
-Of scars on my body? Foot, Leg, knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, other hip, face, back of neck, etc. But easier by numbers hrm Heavy ones 2, light ones many


-I know: I love my wife
-I want: peace in my home.
-I have: a serious level of intensity
-I wish: I knew the answers
-I hate: intolerance
-I fear: nothing bad enough to not face it
-I hear: "Discord is normal"
-I ache: Dig it!
-I care: About way to much, so much so that it overwhelms me at times.
-I always: Seem to find the best moment to say the worst thing, twice.
-I dance: Whenever I get a chance
-I cry: When Sya cries
-I write: bad poetry and half-assed attempts at keeping a blog
-I confuse: words people say with the truth.
-I can usually be found: Moving at a high rate of speed

-ARE YOU A...-

-Wuss: Only with women
-Gang member: My sister in law thinks I was
-Daydreamer: Guilty
-Alcoholic: I could have been, but I stopped myself
-Freak: Sexually or artistically?
-Brat: Yeppers
-Sarcastic: Yes I am
-Goody-goody: A wise woman once said, "I rebel against that side of myself"
-Angel: I could be
-evil: I could be.
-Friend: When I have one I am
-Shy: I am.
-Adventurous: Not to the moron fear factor eating dead pig eyeballs level no, but I will try anything reasonable
-Intelligent: More than many, less than some


-Your best feature [personality]: I'm loyal.
-Most annoying thing you do: Over Analyzing things
-Biggest mistake you've made this far: My first marriage, et al.
-Describe your personality in one word: Intense
-A smell that makes you smile: My wife's hair
-A city you'd like to visit: Mare Tranquility
-A drink you order most often: Ice Tea
-The music you prefer while alone: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and occasionally LOL, My Chemical Romance
-A TV show you watch regularly: Rome and Battlestar
-You live in: A town of fools


Michael L. Reed
United States
Current Residence: Flint, Michigan after a 15 year world tour
Favourite genre of music: Rock -Classic to Current
Favourite photographer: Ansel
Favourite style of art: Styles? Wonder, technical skill, beauty
Operating System: Linux (RH) and XP
MP3 player of choice: Foobar
Shell of choice: Have to be Pistachio, very good shell
Wallpaper of choice: I prefer to paint than to wallpaper
Skin of choice: Soft skin is my first choice
Favourite cartoon character: Speed Racer
Personal Quote: Anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but it make make you weaker for the next thi


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