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Planned Obsolescence by KyleOStreet Planned Obsolescence by KyleOStreet
Planned Obsolescence

"...I guess thatís the kind of world we live on though; products donít have to fit the needs of their intended users, they just have to make money for the producer. Those creators also arenít thinking about the needs of the environment either, and often end up generating a deal of negative impact on both. Just think of how many things that end up expiring on us contain lead, asbestos, lithium, cadmium, mercury, thorium, uranium or plutonium that we just throw out without thinking. Of course, anyone of them could design products that lasted longer, but it would go against their entire business model to have them not to need to be replaced annually. Who knows, they may even design their widgets to know how to break down when the owner needs them most, but weíre just being sold an item made from the cheapest materials available and really pay most for the research into more fragile and easily destructible technologies.

As consumers, itís near impossible for us to avoid these tactics which are being targeted directly at us; everything is hastily and cheaply fabricated in mass to be disposable and eventually require replenishing, and I mean everything. From the packaging painstakingly wrapped around our food and drinks, to all plastic toys we buy for our loved ones and electronic ones for our selves, even the fancy desktop station and the sphere controlling your home. Pens and pencils, lighters, eating utensils, tents and instant-shelters, writable cards and discs, batteries, sunglasses, envelopes, air fresheners, umbrellas, stickies, and water bottles. Thereís a huge market for health and beauty products, like cotton swabs, flossers, tissue, soap, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, razors, anything in a dispensable stick form, or anything that dispenses for that matter, whether itís a tube or one of those standing, motion sensing squirters. They all get used, they all run out, and they all serve their purpose. And then you have to purchase more to maintain the same status of life you attain while burning through all of these so-called necessities daily. Yes, itís a sad throw-away culture we live in..."

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April 16, 2011
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