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Macross Elysium (Chapter One- Prologue Page 8)

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Read Western-Style (left-right)!!!

My first fan comic set in the Macross universe with all original characters, Macross Elysium follows a former pilot for the UN Spacy as he struggles with getting over his troubled past. I fully intend to continue this series over time. I hope you enjoy.

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Panel 1: Oh! Nice shot of the room as a whole in this panel! I see an empty bottle under the table that helps drive the alcoholism factor home! Oh and is that something under the bed? A suitcase? Possible foreshadowing? What's in it I wonder...? Shoes, discarded glass, and some sort of books. Alcoholism and studies. OBVIOUSLY A COLLEGE STUDENT! *SLAPPED* Seriously though. I love the shadows in this. (Have I said that a million times yet?) The digitally added one behind Oisin and the etched on ones from the pen. I love it!

Panel 2: Another excellent use of Depth of field. And AGH! Proportions! How do you nail them so hard? Oisin doesn't have any yaoi anatomy what so ever! His hand is the perfect size! And nice window shot! Point of focus is on big ben, but that little satalight and the Macross bard are so impressive too!

Panel 3: *DIES*


BUILDINGS?! CLOCKS?! TREES?! MACROSSES?! HOOOOW?! I'm so jealous! This is an amazing intro into the comic. I know I can get kinda bias given my relation to you, but seriously! I'm serious when I think this is an excellent introduction from an outside perspective. This is shaping up to be an AMAZING project and I look forward to each coming chapter.