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Macross Elysium (Chapter One-Prologue Page 7)

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Read Western-Style (left-right)!!!

My first fan comic set in the Macross universe with all original characters, Macross Elysium follows a former pilot for the UN Spacy as he struggles with getting over his troubled past. I fully intend to continue this series over time. I hope you enjoy.

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Panel 1: I think I already gushed to you about this in person, but let me do so again! I REALLY like the speech bubble placement here. It's a connected bubble that drags your eye over the panels in a slow manner since you have to slow down to read the text and yet you're still looking at the panel. It FORCES you to slow down and that is a seriously neat trick since we just got out of that high paced battle, this very first panel slows us down into the present. Also! I love the glow effect you put in for the digital numbers on the clock

Panel 2: :iconifaintplz: :iconhnnghnosebleedplz: :icongrellfangirlsplz: :iconrenaomochikaeriplz: :iconfangasmingplz: :iconkawaiidesuplz:
*ahem* Um....
Nice...anatomy....yes....the anatomy....
and that sleepy yet slightly annoyed expression expression hggnnnnn. Did you know you're amazing at expressions?

Panel 3:
That pissed off in shadow expression! HGGNNNNN!? How do you draw expressions so well?! That's my favorite part about this panel, though there are lots of little tiny details I can rant and rave about!.... in fact. I will!
WRINKLES! WINKLES EVERYWHERE! CLOTH WRINKLES! HOW?! HOOOOWWWW?! Do you know how long it's taken me to understand the concept of clothing wrinkles let alone bed sheets and blankets?! AAAAAAAAAH! JSAHDGWJHV!!!! The shadow on that head board! AUGH. I LOVE IT! MOODY AS HECK!!!
That glass and bottle! Like... I know those are teeny tiny parts of this panel, but MAN! You can draw 3d objects SO WELL

Panel 4: LOVE the depth of field perspective and Oisin's placement in the panel! Brings emphasis to his problem on the table. So nice framing with the use of Oisin's torso and shoulder! Also! That corner shadow! Simple, but UGH! I love your use of shadows in this series! It's only now starting to dawn on me how amazing you are at them!

Panel 5: Nice Split frame transition into Oisin's next actions! Very well done! Didn't miss a beat on that one! I'm really impressed how well you can draw liquid ripples! And that detailing on that bottle! The Windey cap divots  (Um....what are they called?) and all! BUT UGH! My favorite part of this is your SHADING! Those little hatches around the glass. BAAH. Stop! Stop! You draw GLASS well. How is this possible?!