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Macross Elysium (Chapter One-Prologue Page 6)

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Read Western-Style (left-right)!!!

My first fan comic set in the Macross universe with all original characters, Macross Elysium follows a former pilot for the UN Spacy as he struggles with getting over his troubled past. I fully intend to continue this series over time. I hope you enjoy.

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Panel 1: MAKE METAL BLEED! YEESSSSS! I love that splatter effect of oil! My only critique is I'd love to see more of this! I WANT TO SEE MECHA GORE!!! (Please see my name for reference) More splatters! Please please please! Still the explosions are so epic! I don't think the "Pow" sound effect above gives this NEARLY enough justice! This is such a gorgeous shot! You even squeezed in drawing the tiny pilot! JEEBUS man! Such minute attention to detail! I LOVE IT!

Panel 2: I don't know if I told you this before, but if I haven't, I FRIGGEN LOVE HOW YOU DRAW EXPLOSIONS!!!! Aaaaaauh! Smoke the plumes! JUST! OH YOU MUST HAVE TAKEN SO LONG ON THIS! :iconomgsocuteplz:
Also. I think I forgot to mention this back on the first few panels but I REALLY love the damaged canopy! Implies a few gun pod rounds only just missed Oisin, and that's SERIOUSLY cool! Alsothatperspective!!!! Worms eye view perspectives are always the most impressive!!! PROPS

Panel 3: Okay, I wanted to take the time to slow down and critically analyses this panel, because it is seriously my favorite. Not because of the awesome explosion in the eyes effect (ALTHOUGH THAT IS FRIGGING WOW). What really stuck out to me was the way you went about your strokes in this panel. Everything is sketched super roughly in multiple strokes vs one solid line. It really gives me the sense of a frozen moment in time, or Oisin turning to stone.
Similar to this style in Nichijou:…
(Though obviously less comedic)
It really slowed down time for me even though it was one panel and I think that is an amazing sign of artistic talent. Amazing job, and fantastic shading.

Panel 4: GREAT use of black to fade into the present! The fade effect drawn in is so very nice! It's easy to tell this is a time transition. While that seems really simple, I think that's fantastic you were able to convey that so easily with the use of black and some feathered pen strokes. Oh, my precious Oisin's cute lush lips~ :iconotakuingplz: This panel speaks to me. I just want to lean down and just MMNNNNN!!!
*Ahem* back to seriousness though. Nice use of the faded grey in Andy's name as Oisin whispers it. It really gives me the sense that the word is either an echo or a whisper. And the fact that Oisin's teeth are showing proove he's making a eeee sound for AnDY (Seriously! Nice attention to detail on that part! Not many people know teeth show with that sort of vowel pronunciation!) so it leads me to think it's more of a whisper than an echo (Or both?)