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Macross Elysium (Chapter One-Prologue Page 4)

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Read Western-Style (left-right)!!!

My first fan comic set in the Macross universe with all original characters, Macross Elysium follows a former pilot for the UN Spacy as he struggles with getting over his troubled past. I fully intend to continue this series over time. I hope you enjoy.

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Panel 1: Oh god just KYYYA! That behind perspective on Andy's 19! How do you draw perspective so well?! And that crash sight! You drew all those itty bitty pieces!!!! Good attention to detail! I also really like those trails of Valkyries in the background. That combined with the continued reaction missile explosions...It's small, but just gives a real feeling to the battle field that lets us know that it's not just these two out in an open field!

Panel 2: UGH! AGAIN! PERSPECTIVE! HOW. A worms eye type perspective on a Valk! JUST KYAAAA??! Also! That Sonic boom effect! Just....WOW! Nice touch! Combined with the speedlines, it gives a real sense of drama! *Cue epic music!*

Panel 3: May favorite panel of this page *w* Oisin just looks so helpless and you NAILED his expression. I just wanna hug him. Ugh. I just love his expression combined with the shattered faceplate. It Amazing job. I love your expressions.

Panel 4: +mode G! Andy switched to Gerwalk mode. Combined with the fact that she JUST hit super sonic, I assume this would put a lot of G-forces on her. Makes the panel all the more epic! Plus I love all the blown out shines/ short lensflares in this shot! Gives it a very unique flare that compliments your style very well!