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Macross Elysium (Chapter One-Prologue Page 3)

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Read Western-Style (left-right)!!!

My first fan comic set in the Macross universe with all original characters, Macross Elysium follows a former pilot for the UN Spacy as he struggles with getting over his troubled past. I fully intend to continue this series over time. I hope you enjoy.

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I just wanted to take the time to thank you for teaching me how to slow down and take in each panel as it's own separate piece of art. I've really learned how to enjoy manga now, especially your own! So let me break down my comment into sections about the panels because each panel is a work of art in itself.

Panel 1: Boom! Your use of gradients hits me in the face right in the first panel. It really is an excellent sky scape shot that intoduces the reader into your artistic style and use of gradients! THE FACT THAT YOU CAN DRAW SUCH COMPLICATED MECHS IN SUCH SMALL SCALE JUST HOLY WOW!!!

Not only that, you also show off your ability to draw smoke so excellently! And explosions! And while simple, the reaction missiles in the background are very effective in setting off the mood as well! Nice Macross Missile Massacre right off the bat!

Panel 2: Birds eye view! Birds eye view! Ugh! If this was a film I bet your filmography would be BEAUTIFUL! I love the transition from the sky to Oisin's helmet! And you drew the cracks and reflections in it! Nice use of the fade bubble to make the dialogue appear to be thought out vs spoken. I love the itty bitty 19 in the helmet!

Panel 3: Love this use of split panel! It's very well placed! AND HOLY HECK IT'S DETAILED. You drew the individual buttons on the stick?! Like seriously dude! That's dedication and attention to detail! I'm amazed! ALSO! YOU DRAW HANDS SO WELL! it even HARD for you? You make it look so easy! Not only is it just a regular hand, but a gloved and padded hand! WTF

Panel 4: Kya! I love this second half of the panel with Oisin's eye. The it's seems so simple, I know how hard it can get to draw accurately dribbling liquid down a vertical surface. You drew it so...RRGH >W<!! Ugh! It just looks natural! Good job! And Oisin's eye! *Squeee* It's so detailed and serious looking! I love the close up of the hole in his helmet. God...I wonder what impacted him there?

Panel 5: IS THAT TORN UP DIRT?! Holy heck, how did you accomplish drawing that?! It doesn't even look fake! And those impact marks are impressively drawn! I've always sucked at drawing cracks or spidered metal/cement. You draw it so professionally! I know it's just a minor detail in this shot, but I really admire that skill of yours! Also! Nice use of faded white brush to give a flare effect!

Panel 6: AH! That canopy destruction! I know Oisin is the center of attention on this shot, but that glass crack is the first thing that grabbed my attention! And then that helmet crack! Oh but that shadow over Oisin's eyes really grabbed me. I love this mood in your comic!