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Kronos PNG Transparent Tube

Stock. 1200 x 1245 Resolution. Transparent PNG Tube. (300 DPI).

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1) You Must Give me Credit.
2) You Must Link To My Account.
3) You Must Have Alot Of Fun.
4) You Must Send A Note To My Inbox
5) You Must Leave A Link On The Image Used.
6) You Are Permitted To Run Prints.
7) You may display them on your personal websites, if you have a deviant account here, and are displaying here with a link back to me for credit.

If you do not have a deviant account. You are not authorized to use any of my stocks.

wooooooh. That's not to hard right. Have Fun My Friends.

Note Me When Used.

Alot Of Stock Is coming For You To Make Your Awesome Artworks.!!!!!!!!!!

All materials are copyrighted. Please follow these simple rules.
© 2008 - 2021 Kylee29
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Used your stock here = [link]

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This word "stock" I keep seeing all over the place - Enlighten me coz I am well green to this industry ... Nice work here :)
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Just read you message again. I guess I misunderstanded it. The word stock, are items that the public artist's here on DA can use to make their own pieces, when the give credit to the one who supplied the stock. So when I say to people that this is stock, I mean they can use it on their works. I let people run their prints to using my materials, and no one needs to buy me anything.
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anything you need, tell me. k. It will be made so you can use it. oh, sending you a great wish of happyness. Thank you my friend.
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...i dunno how long i'm here fer...! as long as i can pay the cable~internet bill, then i'll be here...heh heh ! have you thought about opening a 2nd account? 1 fer art, 1 fer yer stocks??
Kylee29's avatar
Do you need help, we make big account. together. I purchase it, we work as team mates and make great works. are you german hon. I try to understand your words hon. WRite me a note. I can pay account bill, if you want to make a mega stock account, You are head of it, I only wish to give to work, it is spiritual to me to give. write me note, so I know what you and I need. we must keep your account going. k hon. :hug:
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....this is awesome!:eyepopping:
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Well hon, I think your stock is awesome. I'm not saying that out of politics. You do stock, I can't. Maybe we can make one huge mega stock, that will blow DA off the map. I'm tired of the same people getting all the glory. I have thousands of things for tubes. :)

Let me know. We can blow DA's mind. upload to breed stock. that way, I can keep this as art account. I have things that will make you warm in the snow.

Would be an honor to work with you hon. Together, we can make the mega stock site DA has never seen before. I have thousand of pieces to cut out.
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ahhhh! but you ARE doing stock! ever since the latest hulabaloo over the thing, i've seen a whole lotta stockers who did pre~made backgrounds close up shop and give up. sad....i believe they were essential to newbies on here, such as myself.i have enabled my stock to be used to make other stocks out of. there should be a "stock4stock" club on here, perhaps....
Kylee29's avatar
okay hon. just was asking, I'm going to rise high, its my personality. just love your work, and you treat me so kind. just love and hope best for you hon. ok. if you change your mind. let me know. I'm here for the long run.

Lots of love and peace to you this week hon. :hug:s
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