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Hey guys, so I've been MIA for close to two years now, and just wanted to say I'll be coming back in a bigger way again! I'll be aiming to post every day or so, keeping you guys updated as much as possible and tryna keep things going here!

So here's the scoop. I mainly post on Instagram and my personal Facebook these days, but I wanna share my favourite shots with you guys as well!

Here's some videos of the past few years of fun for you guys and gals! 
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Hey all! Sorry for the inactivity last year, dealt with a lot of problems that occurred in my personal life from friends to family. This year I'm going to be bringing you as much content as I can physically provide, including all the cars, adventures and journey's me and the rest of "The Classics" encounter! This year will be a great one, because so far it's already been better than the rest have been! If you're on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube you'll soon be able to join in on the adventures and watch as we breath new life into forgotten classics, journey to new places and just have the time of our lives! Follow me on Instagram @ KyleAndTheClassics, and Facebook and YouTube page for We Are The Classics will be coming as well! Check out the video I provided to see a small taste of what we've already been doing!

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So, just so you guys know I am actually going to be seen a little bit on Season 2 of the T.V. show Fargo that will be airing in September, but I just found out I'm in the sneak peek trailer found here! (I'm right at the end turning left in Sexxy 73)…

And also this show is where I purchased Gran Furiousa from!
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Hey guys, so I'm doing a bit better with everything and may be coming back real soon!

But I was talking with a couple friends about how I'm ever going to be able to upload all the photos of cars I have and have them be easily accessible to view (like if someone wanted to search up a 1970 Dodge Challenger in Sublime Green or a 1963 Chevy Impala sedan in gold sort of thing), with front shots and rear (or just one if I was not able to photograph the other) interior and other angles if they were taken, and I kind of came up with the idea for making a website for that!

It's just an idea now, and I know deviantArt does have the ability to search for cars and such, but it's a different platform from dA. I'd also be doing stories on classic cars as well as the younger generation. Still trying to get the whole idea together, but just letting you guys know about it.

If you want to find me still, I post moreso on my personal Facebook and my Instagram than anything, it's quicker for me to post there
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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been active on here, like at all. I have something personal in my life that's been priority number one over everything else, period. So in saying that I won't be active on here for a while now and I'm honestly truly and deeply sorry for that! I just cannot find time or motivation to post on here, and please understand I WILL make my return, just not for a while guys. It's not to do with my depression either, that I'm able to work with and deal with a lot better.

If you want to find me still, I post moreso on my personal Facebook and my Instagram than anything, it's quicker for me to post there
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Hey guys, just quickly updating you guys on how life is over here with The Classics. I'm not feeling much better, I have sought out professional help and guidance for everything and taken some time to myself, but it hasn't helped much at all. I'm still posting on Instagram daily due to it being an easier sharing site to use and I am TRYING to get back into dA but I look at the photos waiting in and I just see photos I am not pleased with, even though you guys love them and want me to post them. I'm in that part of my depression and anxiety where nothing I've done seems to matter to me or anyone, and while I know that's not true to you guys, I can't convince myself otherwise. So posts will still be slow still until I get back into the rhythm of things. Thank you guys again for understanding and sticking around during this, it's been one of the lowest for me in a long time :/

In other news, I am currently in conversations about another Gran Torino, this time a '76 sedan with a rust free body! You'll see a Roadkill style video about that one as well! (Also it's an apology to the car gods for my sacrifice of a '75 earlier this year)

So, to keep you guys happy till I'm back in motion, here's some videos I love to watch consistently!

P.S. if you made it down this far, pretty much all of these are giving hints to what I'm going to try and start doing in the coming months :P
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I am feeling better, but still not terrific. Uploading pictures for you guys has always been something I have enjoyed more than anything, showing the automobiles and maybe even some of the people I see and photograph, from the rusty and beaten, to the restored and beautiful and everything in-between. Seeing you guys loving the cars I post and the photos I take makes me feel better, it always and still does. I don't think my depression will be getting drastically better anytime soon, however uploading photos here and to Instagram does make me a bit happier. So, sometimes you're going to see a ton of posts from me, sometimes I may be gone for a few days, but I'll be trying to make myself better, somehow.

But I have to give an enormous thank you to everyone who messaged me, commented on my post and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, I didn't expect so many to be there for me like you guys have been, and I thank every one of you. Thank you guys for being the fans and friends you've all been, loving the photos I post and giving me something to strive for, because I hope to one day turn my photography and videography into my profession, but I still have a long ways and a long journey till then, and that journey began with my first popular post nearly four years ago. Just wait, I got a lot to give and a whole whack of cool crap you guys are going to love!
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...if not completely gone. I'm having serious emotional and physical problems that are directly caused by my seemingly never-ending battle with my depression, and as of recently I have hit an extremely deep low in my life. Due to problems I have brought onto myself, I have started to do things to myself that make me ashamed of what I've become. I will be going offline on all my social media and online lives to try and get my life back on order. I will be back, could be a week, could be a month (doubt quite that long), but I think this will be for the better for myself. I apologize to you all who love seeing the cars I post and the photos I take, but for the time being I think this is something I need to do. You guys are amazing and I promise when I come back I'll post more awesome muscle cars, more beautiful classics, and if we're lucky enough, MORE MAGGIE!
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So, the episode of Heartland that I was on aired the other night, and I finally found a link to the episode (mind you it's not great quality by any means), but if you go to 28:27 and 30:55 you'll see Sexxy and I :)

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It's hard to believe it when someone says "that's 100 years old now," and the same can now be said for the beginning of their car building years that started 100 years ago, Dodge Brothers. From The General Lee, to Kowalski's Challenger, Toretto's Charger to The Bluesmobile, Dodge has been beloved by all in one form or another, so Happy Birthday to them and all the cars they have built, here's to hopefully another 100.
Sorry for the rant, but I'm honestly kind of angry with what happened to this poor car.

As most of you long time watchers know, I'm a massive lover of 1967-1968 Mercury Cougar's, so much in fact I have two under restoration (Maggie and Freddy) so whenever I see one get crushed, wrecked, or mangled for movie reasons I get upset, but this film, by far, has to be the most absolutely god awful way to see one destroyed. A terrible movie that takes a fairly solid '67 Cougar and absolutely destroys it after an absolutely degrading car chase, a California car I would have loved to get my hands on and turned into something cool. R.I.P. poor classic :(

P.S., don't watch the movie for the chase, it's actually hard to watch it's so bad...
First things first, I didn't win the Ranchero, while waiting for the ute to go up fro auction, I watched Chevelle's, Mustang's and even fully restored classics go for fairly cheap, so I was excited to put my money on the one thing I really, really wanted. At $2300 for a fairly rusty truck I was sadly beaten :(

Secondly, I will be leaving next Friday to go on a roadtrip to Vancouver, B.C., Canada in Sexxy for 10 days for a vacation to see some friends there, which leads me to this following question...

Do any of you guys out there have any good music you listen to while you drive, relax, etc. that you'd be able to suggest me, I have some I love to listen to while I cruise, but I don't have 11 hours of cruising music that I can name off the top of my head :/

(P.S. I don't care what genre, type or when it is from, I'd love variety while I head out there! :) )
Hey guys, for a while now I've been wanting a logo but I've had absolutely no idea what I wanted it to look like, until now.

Back towards when Paul Walker passed away some fans created a sticker that said "Dude I Almost Had You"  Untitled by KyleAndTheClassics, and I want something similar, but instead I want a side profile of Sexxy 73  Untitled by KyleAndTheClassics and of Maggie  Untitled by KyleAndTheClassics with KyleAndTheClassics in place of the quote (That's not Maggie, she's far from done and I don't have a side profile shot of her) If any of you guys could or know anyone who could make this any help would be greatly appreciated!

- KyleAndTheClassics
First of all, I'll be making journal's similar to this every week to share not only what may be going on with Maggie, Sexxy 73, Freddy and them, but also cool videos, stories and even music I come across that I believe should be known and shared among everyone.

Typically when it comes to musical covers, the song covered will be more modernized than the original song, however Postmodern Jukebox takes a different approach. They instead take modern music and bring it back to the jukebox era, and lately I have been constantly listening to them as I cruise, photograph and as everything else goes on in my day. If you want a new group or style to listen to while you cruise in your cars or even just to listen to something different, I'd highly, HIGHLY recommend them!

FIRST OF ALL, I have Steam and if you want to play with me on Steam games my user is KyleAndTheClassics :)

Recently I got Source Filmmaker for Steam, which is an animation creator that uses the Source video game engine, which also was used for games like Left 4 Dead, Half Life and Team Fortress 2. I'm hoping to start creating animated videos and pictures using it so you may see content similar to it in the future, but that may not be for a while due to the immense amount of trial and error I will be doing till I feel comfortable with my work. Some examples of SFM made content, which I hope to be as good as some day.

Left 4 Bioshock - Dead Centre, Streets - 8 by Yhrite

Left 4 Bioshock - Dead Centre, Streets - 9 by Yhrite

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So, a little quick update for all of you guys.

First off, I've just been contacted about having Sexxy 73 and possibly Freddy used in the Canadian T.V. show "Heartland" this summer, so get ready for photos from that! :)

Second, Maggie's sort of stuck in restoration limbo for the time being, don't know when she'll be back in motion, but without a doubt I won't make it to the West Coast Classic Cougar Open House show in Salem Oregon this year, unfortunately I don't know when she'll be finished, but as soon as I know what's going on with her you guys will be the first to know.

Thirdly, Freddy has been moved to the shop I work at, he's now awaiting his turn in the shop for restoration and hopefully that'll start soon.

and finally, since I have started to watermark my photos I've been slowing down with posts, I'm trying to keep up with the usual routine but with work, personal life and actually photographing I'm going to be a little slow for a short time being, I promise I'll catch up in the near future!
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Today, April 17, 2014, marks the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang being unveiled to the public officially (April 17, 1964), the 50th Anniversary of Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang, love it or hate it, has helped shape and create the muscle cars we know and love today, even if you HATE the Mustang's you have to respect them, and not a lot of cars you can say that about.

The Mustang all started in 1962, when the Ford Mustang I concept roadster was created and debuted as a counter to the Corvair Monza's that were really popular at the time (now, not so much and they are awesome cars). The Mustang was meant to appeal to the youth of the U.S. and Canada, and boy it did just that. In less than two years after production, Ford was rolling out it's 1,000,000 Mustang out the door and with millions more on the way over the next 50 years. The Mustang proved to other auto makers that they need to start building cars that'll appeal to the younger drivers and even the youngster in aging drivers. In 1964, Chrysler raced to make a car that was cool to young drivers and decided to add a fastback look to their Plymouth Valiant's and called it the Barracuda  A Teens First Love by KyleAndTheClassics. Other car makers were also dashing (and not so much dashing) to compete with the Mustang, and finally in 1967, Chevy and Pontiac chimed in and had some cars to compete against Ford's masterpiece, the Chevy Camaro The Black Panther by KyleAndTheClassics  That Camaro Stare by KyleAndTheClassics and Pontiac Firebird  Topless 'Bird by KyleAndTheClassics  Music Notes and Ghost Flames by KyleAndTheClassics.

Without the Mustang, we may not have many of the muscle cars we have today, hell, Maggie, Freddy, and any other Cougar wouldn't be the same without it. So for what it's done for the auto industry over the years and being the longest production of any car WITHOUT interruption in production, Happy 50th Birthday Ford Mustang, and here's to the next 50 years!
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This is for you guys! :) 

It's hard to believe I've reached 1,000 watchers on here now, and I can't thank you all enough for the past 5 years I've been here! It's been one hell of a ride, from me just posting screenshots to the evolution of my photography, I honestly wouldn't have started becoming a photographer if it wasn't for you guys, and I wouldn't have started and continued restoring Maggie if it hadn't been for all your support and love for it all! From deviantArt to Instagram, you've all been wild and it's been quite the wild ride from beginning to now, I remember when I freaked out at just having 100 watchers, then 200, then 300! 1,000 is seriously an insane and unimaginable number to think for anything to me, and I can't wait to see what the next 5 years will bring! More cars, more awesomeness, and a hell of a lot more of the cars you guys love to come. New photos coming, from cosplay, to proper driving photos and even working with a few friends to create awesome videos for you guys to enjoy! :')
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Hey guys, so my boss has been trying to find someone to make him a new logo for the shop, and unfortunately he hasn't been able to find someone to do it properly. The idea he wants for the logo is ice themed, since the name of the shop is Frostbite HotRods he would like a logo to kind of represent the name a little bit. He wants the logo to just have the lettering with some icicles hanging off of the name Frostbite, and he says it's been impossible finding someone to do that for him so he asked a co-worker and I if we knew anyone and the first people I thought of was everyone here on dA. So here's the deal with the contest, if you are interested in being part of it;

- A normal logo with icicle shapes hanging off of the letters of Frostbite (or HotRods as well if you so desire), coloured or black and white, your choice, and because I know how talented so many of you guys are

- Optional: Design a true logo for the shop as well, with a theme of hot rods, frost/ice/cold, and icicle shapes hanging off the lettering. (That lettering is a must)

The winner will be chosen by my boss and in his words, "The one who makes the perfect logo for me will receive at least $100, if not more if I like it enough," so the winner will receive at least $100 if my boss likes the submissions enough. If you do enter please post a link in the comments here so I can see them and show each submission to him, and the contest will end in two weeks on March 20.
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