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Rarizinha pronta para o carnaval!



EDIT: Featured on EQD. October 19th, 2013. #14…


I'll start by saying that this is the best damn artwork that I've ever done IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, and really I can't believe I actually did it. As much as I wanted this to be a freestyle of my own, it's actually for a contest, so I was with the pressure factor on my back, nothing that bad with it.
the dimensions of the picture were mandatory, so I was thinking about what kind of MLP related stuff I could draw within this canvas. The first thing I knew is that I wanted Rarity in it, I wanted something glamurous as well, but what could it be? And then the idea of her wearing a samba carnival costume came to mind. Mind you she's a pony and on top of that, I didn't want this costume to be too... too sexy, for the lack of better word, I wanted to keep the picture "user friendly", so I made my own interpretation of a samba costume that a pony could wear but with a lot of bling-bling that represents Rarity very well. =)
This actually took me a week, but mind you, I wasn't working on it all the time, there were days in which I didn't do a thing, so I couldn't actually say how much this took me, of course it wasn't a full week, probably I would reduce it to 3 days.

Nonetheless, I'm very happy with the result and I don't want to sound too confident or shallow, but I feel like I already won because I did a damn great job with it and I worked very hard too, even if I slacked in between XD. Feel free to favorite and ivnt to groups if you like Rarity :3 and of course wish me luck!

BTW, the prize is a 30cm plushie and a mention in a peruvian brony magazine.

EDIT: she mostly looks like she came out of the Emperor's new groove XD
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Ok this is my first critique ever in DA and Im going to be as fair as I can because you deserve that.

Vision: Mixing the real world culture with fantasy worlds is always something good to do... if you land it in the right way and yes this does it. The theme of the Rio Carnival within this character may not be the obvious choice but the dazzling attire and seductive gaze make Rarity fit perfectly in the world of Brazil's most amazing party. The way you introduced design elements from the show, the fandom and the real world into one piece its just amazing and one of my favorite features of this piece.

Originality: Making a fictional character fit into a real world event its a challenge, having the world vision and knowledge of that event its also very important. I see you are not from Brazil so you decided to step into "wild lands" looks like you made some research and that delivered to your piece. Setting out of the stereotypical "American Holidays" and going to a full global approach its something we need to see more.

Technique: From the light to the feathers from the gems to her eyes you took a lot of things in consideration to deliver a piece that looks fantastic. The way the shadows run down her body, how you change the "brush" to style her mane, each single bead over her accessories it just shows how much dedication and talent you poured over this mare and its fantastic. Yet there are some details that I cant overlook, but that is just personal opinion and those do not belong here.

Impact: I have been following you for at least 8 months now and because of that this piece blew my mind. I knew you had something in there but now i realized the potential you have is much greater. The impact of this piece is not for me or for the other watchers, it is for you, Kyle you have an amazing potential and this piece shows it, keep growing and keep surprising us.