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Hello Everyone!

Just popping in to announce that after an unofficial and unplanned hiatus on several things this past year, I am back!

I've been slowly updating things online. My DeviantART gallery will probably be behind for a bit longer, I have posted some recent things, but there is just so much to catch up with it's a bit of an undertaking.

Status report on the rest though;

Facebook is up to date; [link] is getting a re-design.

The eBay store; and Etsy shop; are up and running. I still have some inventory that needs to be resorted and relisted, and I'm also working on posting some new goodies too.

Heads up! The WNY Miniature Enthusiasts Dollhouse Show is this weekend! I'm finishing up some things right now and then packing for the show. Closing down two online stores starting tomorrow (Sat.) - My Etsy shop;… and the eBay store; (Art prints are still available through Society6; ) Between some travel and tentative plans for more shows/events this Fall, I have decided to keep both shut down for the rest of September. If there is anything you're interested in, grab it now or pm me to hold for you, otherwise it's all going to the show. See you there! :)…

I have been receiving some wonderful feedback on the paper collage pins I’ve been posting to Instagram lately (Thank you), and I thought I’d take a minute to answer two questions about them;

1. Are these pins online?

~ Yes, they are now. A few of them anyway;…

2. Will I be making other animals?

~ Planning on it, yes. I have two new animals in the works, and while I make no promises, feel free to shout out some critters you’d like to see, ^_^

Back from the show!
Had a great time, and really enjoyed talking to all the dollhouse people in the area.
As always, amazed by all the miniature projects the club had on display.

I spent the rest of this past week doing that boring inventory thing, but of course that means -

Etsy shop open;

eBay store open;

Planning on moving everything back into the studio this weekend (weather permitting), and then it's back to work. :)

See something at the show, but can't find it online? Not everything is posted yet.
Send me a pm and I'll let you know if it's still in stock.
Just a reminder that the WNY Miniature Enthusiasts Fall Dollhouse Show and Sale is in one week (Sept. 25);… Once again I will be a vendor this year, so it's time to pack up and get ready for the show. My online stores will be closing down on Wednesday this week, so if you're watching an item and wish to snag it before the show, here are the links;

See you at the show! :)
Our Art Studio at ART247 (Lockport, NY) is finally open to the public. If you're visiting the area this Summer, come check us out;…
New to the eBay store: Dollhouse Miniature Kiddie pools and OOAK Artisan Patchwork Pillows! Select items on Sale from now until August! Check it out;
Just a friendly notice letting everyone know that my online shops are now closed - I am a vendor at the Syracuse Area Miniature Enthusiasts Doll House & Miniature Show - May 1 @ Liverpool Holiday Inn (New York) - The next few days are reserved for packing up my inventory and then it's off to the show.

Hope to see you there!

Art 247 ( ) is hosting, BLACK and WHITE Exhibition 2016

The show runs February 20 - April 3

Opening Reception February 20, 1pm-4pm

Art 247
247 Market Street
Lockport, NY

More Info available on Facebook;…
Follow the link on over to my blog to see my entry for Undersized Urbanite;…
The Surreal styled Dollhouse is coming along nicely. :)

New project update, over on the blog;…
It begins!…

Finally feeling better, hoping to get back into the studio soon, but until then I’m working on updating the online shops. ^_^

1. Etsy Shop. All Art prints are $10 Off, and select items are on sale;
2. eBay Store. New items have been listed, with some select items on sale;

>>> Happening this weekend!<<< Niagara Art Trail's 2015 Holiday Open House Weekend is
Friday November 20 - Sunday November 22;

I will be in my shared studio (233) inside the Market Street Art Studios complex for most of Friday and Saturday during the open house. I've only been working there for a few months, but I do have a few finished pieces on display as well as my miniature inventory, and anyone is welcome to come in and see what I'm working on. :)

Saturday Evening the Market Street Art Studios will also be having an opening reception for the Studio Artists Holiday Show. Several artists from Market street, including myself, will have there work on display and available for sale.

I'm back, all online stores are open, auction listings are back up, added some new items, and I am progressively adding more sales for the holiday season.  :)


Heading out to the Rexpo;
Helping out Nathan Lefort (… ) with his table, one more time for this year.

Once again, I will be bringing some of my illustration and miniature work to sell if anyone attending wants to stop by the table.

My Etsy shop is closed for the next couple of days, HOWEVER, I have decided to keep the eBay store open;
There are some sale items worth checking out. No auctions this weekend, those will be back online once I return.

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Despite being super busy, I did manage to update the blog,
and so a link for you;…
I'm back! :)
Etsy shop
and eBay store
Now open. New items to be listed soon.
Online Shops are Closed! :)…
A New Blog Post;…