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jk lol. Just had about 5 journals like this so I thought I would join in too~

I'm NOT taking commissions! I doubt I ever will as my job keeps me pretty well paid, sorry guys!
Can I just say, how amazing have MegaRezfan's designs have been lately?

No matter if its human characters, or pokemon, he's been killing itttttt.
I'm sure all of you already watch him but if you don't please do! You won't regret it!

It's like seeing concept art from the GameFreak company archives, I could imagine all of them being in a game!
Both super original and creative at the same time as having buckets of personality in each of his designs!

Shrubabe Concept Sheet by MegaRezfan Tortorch Concept Sheet by MegaRezfan Surfry Concept Sheet by MegaRezfan
Possible Fire Starter Family? by MegaRezfan Rowdeo Concept Sheet by MegaRezfan Chronatail Concept Sheet by MegaRezfan

You make me proud of the fandom ;__;
Hey guys!

Please visit the following journal and make your opinion heard!
But I will make a suggestion -
  •  Vote for the past year - NOT just your favourite artists (who may not have done much in the last year.)
And also please choose carefully as you can vote for multiple artists, so try to vote for as few as possible to stop the same people winning everything just because they get included in every vote even if they're not your favourite! (if that makes sense...hehe)

The Fakemon Awards 2015 | Results UpdatedUpdate:
Please make sure you vote for artists that have uploaded in the past year and are currently active.
For now those artists who haven't uploaded recently will be moved to another, new category:
Golden Oldies (still working on a better name)
A new category will be added for Best Spriters, Best Mappers and Inspirational People.
Please remember to vote for artists who's art is relevant to the category!
This isn't a popularity contest, remember to check out the artists nominated!
(The results will be updated as soon as i can, and all votes will be counted, if you see something that isn't right, or you want me to change please just comment on what I should change, as it's just me working on this) 

The Oscars are fast approaching us and I couldn't be more exited!
Then I wondered.. What if the Fakemon Community had it's own version of the Oscars? To celebrate the best artists and artwork of the past year!
This is still just an idea, but I t
Anyone else here just absolutely hate that they removed story mode from Smash Brothers?
I'm so upset...the entire game has been ruined for me.

First of all, I did not get and will not get the 3DS one as it's far inferior and I can't imagine playing with such complex controls on such a small machine. I'm also upset that things were removed from the WII U because they couldn't be done on the 3DS (e.g. Ice Climbers.)

But now, every part of the game is just versus battles on tiny maps! I hate this! I don't even enjoy versus unless I'm playing with friends - and I don't want a game I'll only play when I'm with friends...They even took away my favourite part - the amazing coin toss game and turned it into... - you guessed it, a variant of a versus battle!

There's the classic mode, but it's so lame - it's incredibly short, you get no input into how many battles you do, and it always ends with a battle against crazy and master hand (who float in the air and spam crazy attacks at you???).

Then there's all these other modes like the crazy hand thing, and that stupid boardgame thing??? don't get me started oh man...I wouldn't mind them taking out story mode as long as there was some kind of progression in the game, like a path you travel across based on how many smash battles you've won, as you progress you unlock characters and stages?

even the stupid credits minigame was turned into a versus battle mode thing...nooooooo

What really made Smash Brawl for me was the Subspace Emmissary and all the little movies and boss you battled as you went through it, collecting the characters. It gave replayability (as you try to find all the secrets) and was a nice way to introduce all the characters. Now you start with nearly all the characters which doesn't feel like you earned them and they have no personality or story. I also liked the breathing room to learn how to use characters without worrying about falling off the side of the map every minute...

tl;dr - I really dislike the new Smash game and I doubt I'll ever play it much...
At a time where it feels like some of favourite creators have grown up and left and it's the norm to copy each other's ideas, I've been discovering some new artists with fresh new ideas and concepts!

Here's some of my favourites;
<da:thumb id="490666045"/><da:thumb id="490673398"/><da:thumb id="489542957"/><da:thumb id="489538225"/>

<da:thumb id="492477071"/><da:thumb id="492476945"/><da:thumb id="492477200"/><da:thumb id="492664040"/>

098 Birnana by Marix20 039 Flizard by Marix20 026 Quilpine by Marix20 109 Rekwrack by Marix20

Leaf and Stick Insect Fakemon by FakeMakeT  Spiderweb Fakemon by FakeMakeT  Fortune Teller Fakemon by FakeMakeT  Corn Fakemon by FakeMakeT

<da:thumb id="350127090"/><da:thumb id="393020121"/><da:thumb id="405710734"/><da:thumb id="412904468"/>

#??? - Taltosh by Steve14141  #063 - Kloking by Steve14141  Contest Entry - Froskater by Steve14141  #076 - Trinektor by Steve14141

I gotta say one of my favourite thing about these artists is that they're not trying to master the sugimori/ohmura style but doing their own thing and letting the actual design stand up on its own feet without all that stuff.

Aaaand while we're here, THIS is awesome!
Mega Klinklang by locomotive111

edit: It looks like I put a stolen version of the mega klinklang, which I am sorry for! Everyone fave the real one!
Mega Altaria - DRAGON/FAIRY woo yess this guy is so cute but I'm a bit dissapointed no rainbow or rain or anything

Mega Lopunny - finally a mega for a regular pokemon, this guy is AWESOME. I love love love the ripped tights, and normal/fighting is a perfect fit!

Mega Salamence - beaaaautiful! I don't understand the people hatin on it, it's a really awesome mega! I love the giant wings and how the body has like tucked into it now. The old wings were always strange so these are much better.

Mega ???? - Does no one else think there's another mega not leaked yet? The megas seem to be on a circular page layout grid with 4 quadrants, there should be one more under Altaria?

like below;
retukGH by Kyle-Dove

Contests - ehh, I hope there's more costumes than that. May looks cute but brendan doesn't even look like him. Looks like the other contest girl will have Altaria, which makes me wonder if you can mega evolve in contests...Or maybe she'll be the one to give you altarite once you beaten the beauty master rank or something...
Woaaah just look at this mega Forelk fanart I just got! Go watch :iconnauticalsparrow: she's amazing!

Go watch Steve14141 right now! I love his pokes (and I'm not biased being a bug lover...)

Contest Entry - Froskater by Steve14141  #015 - Larwater by Steve14141  #016 - Bubcoon by Steve14141  #017 - Hypoqua by Steve14141
Hello my little doves! Haven't made a journal in ages!

I was playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the weekend with a friend with Lucario, so it's hyped me up for the next game now. I'm super happy Lucario will be back and I hope he becomes MegaLucario for his final smash! (similar to Samus Aran)

Anyway I was thinking how cool would it be if the pokemon trainer was the kalos guy and had Chespin, Braixen and Greninja?

I also wish instead of character recolours, they actually changed the models. For example the trainer could alternate betwen Red, Gold, Brendan, etc.
I wanna farm some magmarizer/electarizer cos I'm terrible at getting BP.
Got tagged by :iconmaster-pixel:

1. I work as a graphic designer for an energy company. This is the only job I've ever had!

2. I'm from Tenerife, and my parents, my brother and me moved to the UK when I was 8 years old. All my family is still in Tenerife.

3. At school I studied Spanish, English, French, Italian and Japanese. I love languages and I'd study more if I could - my favourite part is the origin of words.

4. Before Pokemon came out I wrote my own book of creatures with special powers. My mom always says that Pokemon copied me lol

5. I was super excited when pokemon came out but we had very little money back then. My mum made a deal with me - if I could recite the 150 pokemon in order she would buy me a gameboy - which I did! By the time the 3rd gen had come out I had completely lost interest, but I picked up a copy one day and fell in love all over again.

6. I was brought up with a strong passion for food and cooking. I can cook all manner of spanish food but I really dislike british cuisine (if you can call it that).

7. I don't really eat much meat, not for moral reasons but I just don't like the taste. I also don't drink alcohol as it tastes rancid.

8. I'm absolutely obsessed with Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park. I'm also obsessed with flight and birds. Oh and the sea and sea creatures!

9. I have a massive collection of Playmobil from when I was little. (I still buy some now and then...)

10. When I was a little kid my parents made me believe that I turned into a dog at night as I would wake up all sweaty. I spent many years believing this.

I won't tag anyone, but feel free to do this if you want!
Are you getting in the Halloween spirit? I've never celebrated it (it's not very popular here) but for the past week I've been planning a Halloween event for my mmo, involving a quest and all new maps...

Can you suggest more Halloweeny pokemon to put in my game?
Or just link me to one you've made or someone else has made that you like

Please more jack-o-lanterns or pumpkins - Pumpkaboo is enough!
Anyone got Wartortle in their safaris or something awesome like Joltik, Sunkern, Pachirisu, Gastrodon, Bronzong, Munna, Palpitoad, Sawsbuck, Klang or LILLIPUP please?!

I have a dragon safari with noibat, druddigon and gabite - 2793-0618-8758
Sorry tl;dr to follow;

Overall, XY are a piece of art. I love the leap to the new graphics and I'm glad they haven't completely gotten rid of the pixel art - the PSS icons in particular are a nice touch. As part of a long running series much like Mario or Sonic, the leap to full 3D was a scary prospect to fans for a while but they've done a fantastic job and set a stellar example for other series to follow.

I commend the story, the graphics, the music, the multiplayer connectivity. For the first time ever you are able to view if your friends are online without having to go into a union room, and trade or battle at the click of a button! This alone has been a massive high-point for these games. More than ever I'm seeing my friends battling it out in real time whilst going on my adventure - it really makes you feel connected to something larger than yourself.

Whilst I absolutely love the new trainer art, after a while it begins to feel that the battles are slightly disconnected to the game, without seeing the trainers behind their pokemon sending out orders - at least personally. I was also confused that the evil team members had full 3D models, whilst gym leaders did not...

The new characters are amazing also and I love that the whole region is set in France. The tiny details like the french names on the signs, etc, make a big difference. I think everyone must now be thinking "what would my country be like in the pokemon world?"

As for my negatives - exploration is very limited. Where before you could literally traverse every inch of water on a map, it's been severely locked down to the point that surfing is almost not required. When I saw the region map covered in rivers I was really excited at the prospect of finding lots of secret paths - of which there were few.

I also feel like the game's pace is incredibly unbalanced - it takes a very long time to reach the 2nd gym, with a fair bit of story involved, setting a presecent for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, after the 2nd gym all the gyms are basically the next town over. The champion you only really meet once/twice, the legendary is very suddenly shoe-horned into the plot, and there is a serious lack of post-game story and areas to visit.

A major pet peeve for me, I wish they wouldn't drop new features and improvements every time they release a game. Things like pokemon following, vs seeker, habitat list, key system, grass shaking/water/dustclouds etc were amazing additions and the game feels lacking without them. On the other hand I love the new ecounter methods and it really feels like the pokemon game is more alive with them.

Major shame on gamefreak for giving it such terrible streetpass features!! I was expecting it to download teams, battle them, give away a free pokemon, create a hidden base...nothing! Just stupid pokemiles you exchange for lame items...booooo
Oh and one more thing - lumiose is a chore to explore, I wish they could remove the transitions between areas and just let you freely explore. Oh and one more! The camera can be so painful, like when you go on the surf route and it massively zooms in so you have no idea where you're going...Why couldn't they let us control the camera ourselves akin to pikmin?

Finally, of course...the amount of new pokemon. I set my expectations very low but even then I was disappointed. It seems like they just added one line for each type, fusing multiple types together where possible. I also expected a few evolutions of old pokemon and was surprised to get only one - sylveon. (Mega evolutions do not count).

Any of the negatives mentioned here are massively overshadowed by the over flowing positives of the game and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

On a final point, this was the first game in the series which brought me to tears at multiple points in the story.

Bring on pokemon Z or whatever it will be!
OMG it's so unoriginal! It's sooo lazy this gen is the worst ever! Sugimori is getting so lazy! WTF it's like someone just copied and pasted it, then flipped it and changed the hue from blue to pink ughhhhh. I think I'm gonna quit pokemon!! Pokemon are meant to be animals not SWORDS this is so stupid!! Game freak has run out of ideas, they have no creativity at all!!! Why is there so much change I hate all this new stuff!!!

- is what I would say if I was stupid. Doublade looks awesome and I love fusion evos. But if you don't, that's fine! Don't catch it or use it (;
My excitement is so high for XY, I honestly can't wait I'm even taking a whole week off work just to play it when it's out!

Seriously though, pokemon fans can be the worst. Can I please enjoy pokemon without people bitching about it all day long everytime anything new is revealed. They complain nothing changes, then complain when stuff changes...seriously... You've followed it for this long please have some faith in the creators and respect for what they do for a living.

Or just go back and play rby, no one is forcing you to get the new games!

Ok rant over, my apologies I just had to say it.

Look its wings are CLEAR! What does this mean? Ideas;
  • Changes depending on area you caught it
  • Absorbs pokemon type energy? pink = fairy? gives it a fairy move?
  • Works like Spinda
  • Mimics other pokemon (Butterfree)
  • Wings are screens and colours are pixels
  • Clear is the "neutral" state, it lights up when attacking.
  • Season changes.
  • Customizable like the poodle.
XY is coming out so SOON can't we all just be happy together? <3
Omg his evo ;__; I promised myself I wouldn't spoil myself but I couldn't help it. It's SO CUTE. Probably by favourite pokemon ever right there.

It's so...round! and adorable ;__; that nose! omg It looks more like a prevo than an evo lol.

to see :…