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Sylveon Sprite

By Kyle-Dove
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I'm REALLY pleased with this sprite. I wasn't looking forward to it but it turned out great.

If you wanna use it feel free - you don't need to ask but I do like seeing it used so send me a link! Please give credit also :C
I plan on doing all of gen VI.
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this is really cute I used this for a trainer sprite for one of my favorites YouTubers

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cute! used the sprite for my ‘Glitched’ oc for an rp. 
here’s the link:
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I used this sprite for my eevee evolution mix:D : Eevee evolution combination by Candywish
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Oooh! These are so cute!! I hope you don't mind that I used them for these!
Sylveon Sprite Icon Front by ShinyMajesticSuicune Sylveon Side Icon Sprite by ShinyMajesticSuicune

Credits are in the descriptions! :D

Thank you!!small heart - teal 
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You sprites are so cute <3 

I did a template with them (

I credited you in the bottom. Also, I linked your deviant art profile in my profile about me on the site i'm using this template! 

Hope you liked it, as well. :3 
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This unusual guy borrowed this for an unusual thing:

Hopefully that's okay~
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OMG THESE ARE AWESOME!!! Can... Can I use them for a ROM hack? With credit, of course.
This was very helpful! :D I used the ears and tail to add them to this trainer sprite.

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Can't wait to use this lovely pattern for a perler~!Heart 
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Will be using this for one of my perler bead patterns. I'll definitely credit you :)
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OMG! My favorite Pokemon!
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Can I use this for a fan game?
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I used your sprite as a base for a Shadow recolour.…; (At the bottom of the post, credited you in a hover over note)
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I used your sprite as a base for a retype:…
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Thank you soooo much for having all the Gen VI sprites available! I love your Sylveon sprite, and I borrowed it for a school project. I did link you, however, so everyone knows it's yours ^^

Here's a link to the sprite sheet I made using your Sylveon as a base! I'll send a link to the final demo-game when it's done!…
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This is great work! (Won't say I'm not jealous…!) Would you mind if I use these in a sprite comic I'm (probably) going to do? (I'll give credit! (If I ever get around to making the comic!))
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May I use this in a fan game I'm building? (Sylveon is an ally to the heroes)
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This is beautiful! I'm envious! =^^= :iconsylveonplz:
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used this to make my Sylveon oc ;u;

really amazing sprite btw! looks so official ;u; <3
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Hello there <3
U remember i made your sprite animated?
I wanted to know, may i make a shiny animated version of it?
Please? >w< As always, i'll give all the credits >3<
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I love you man, great job.
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I used the sprite to make an xerneas/sylveon splice. It was uploaded to deviantart and tumblr and I credited you and provided a link to this in both places :D

deviantart: auroraborealisrox.deviantart.c…
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