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More Pokemon overworlds

Just a few ones I had lying around added and also all the sea ones.

Enjoy! (and I know the kyogre sucks but its in a chibi style like most pokemon overworlds so no complaints about its short tail etc)
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D: This looks soo good even though there are all the pokemon OW out there but this got such a shiny look and by that I mean polished and talking about polish I would like to have more polished pokemon icons I mean it looks like they are a bit 3rd gen in the essentials so it's kind of weird XD
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I plan on using a lot of your sprites. Just wanted to let you know. : 3
Ps: The Kyogre looks cute despite seeming pissed. xD
Dark-Sonic-Genesis's avatar
Aww... It's the Pokemon Yellow Pikachu overworld... <3
TheDarkOperator's avatar
Did you make the eeveelutions?
ikibathewolf's avatar
may i use these in a romhack called pokemon amethyst?
shewolfzoroark's avatar
I love how Kyogre's a giant legendary, and Wailord's bigger and normal :XD:
Smileplume's avatar
This is probably my favorite deviation ever
not even lying or exaggerating I mean LOOK AT THE TINY PSYDUCKS
Evonyx3's avatar
woa cool ^^ I love Wailord <3
Kyle-Dove's avatar
Thanks! I love him too <3
Rook-Penguin's avatar
Wailord should be that size in HGSS! It would wreck all the houses! XD
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i love your sprites, I can used for a comic of pokemon sprite ? ( sory for the bad english)
Vampasaurus's avatar
Oh chubby wailord os so cute!
Crystaldra's avatar
Wtf? Kyogre looks very cool, where is the problem?
They look all awesomebut Milotic looks a bit fat and they remind me of PMD :)
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Can i use them for a DS Game/Homebrew project? You can see screen here [link] or presentation here [link] (in french)
LoLRobinLoL's avatar
Much better than HG SS OW's
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Natsumi101's avatar
May I use this if I give credit? ^^
LilynnWong's avatar
cute~ may I use some of the sprites here as for my upcoming avatar if I give you credit? (> _<)
they look soo cute and wonderful~ (XD)
StargazerSammie's avatar
I love the Wailord, I'm gonna use it in my comic as the pokemon the heroine uses Surf with
Panhcoblanco's avatar
really love that, i would love to see them when there are all done
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I love ur surfing overworld sprites ^^
DragonairSoul's avatar
Could I use these if I give you credit?
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Awesome, I wish I was this good!
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