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I havent been able to sprite lately, so I started this to try ease myself back in.

DP style overworlds.

So don't you dare remove this dA. And especially don't send me an automated note about removing it when you haven't even bothered to check my whole gallery to see how I do everything from scratch.
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love it for a game, what about the license? is it ok to use it with crediting you?

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These are really well done.  I especially love the pokemon you made!
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Dude, I seriously love your map sprites! I make maps for fun and constantly go back to your sheets to do so (: Keep up the good work!!
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I think some of the tiles in this pack may be yours uncredited:

Also, may I use some of these tiles for my game?
what about licence?  Can i use this tileset to create free multiplayer game with for exmaple premium acc for sms ?
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They're so cool! Kyle, have you got time enough to be the spriter of my Pokemon Dark Vortex? 
Fantastic work! :)
really nice work it is really awesome :) (Smile)
i am working on my own pokemon game is it okay if i use this i give credit if you give me permission
I'm making a modern day game and i wonder if i can i use these art for commercial use? and is this license under CC by 3.0?
anyone with talent like this should be credited with big thank you....THANK YOU!!!... making it from scratch and letting people use this is hard isn't it??? man you should be a game designer for tilesets, overworld sprites, and so many more...why havent you made a hack yet i mean these are AWESOME seriously...and before i use this ofcourse may i have permission to use these??? 
I'm going to give you so much credit you'll never have time to do anything except fend off the hordes of fans
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how3 can i put them to fire red i want to hack!
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You are my hero Dove, I got back in to spriting just cause of you, and I'm glad you make such cool stuff available for public use, It makes my fan game that much more fun to make! I can only say thanks for the inspiration!
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Oh WOW thanks! That's a compliment and a half haha. Comments like these are what keep me going when I could have quit years ago. You're welcome and thank you!
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This is so beautifull !
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Can i use this i'll customize the background so that i could use this for other things.
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Did you the DP tiileset for GBA? o.O
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can u make the surfing/flying sprites in different orientations? (facing towards/away from the player, rather than just left
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great work as always :) i dont know if you personaly have posted this on other sites, but today i noticed another site that has this same sheet o.o obviously you made it but i think others are claiming as there own :P
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Thankyou for sharing! It get very tiring when people post tilesets and then refuse to share >.>
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Wow, some absolutely amazing pixel work.
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Sorry, I'm new, but am I allowed to use these? Sorry if I sound rude.
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