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Biome Tiles Public

By Kyle-Dove
I decided there's no point keeping these private so I'm releasing them to the public. (apart from the one in red)

I'm sorry some of them are horribly outdated and if I could I'd re-do them again a lot cleaner and nicer.

Maybe you guys can use it for ideas and edit some up or something as you like.

You'll have to rip them out yourselves too, sorry!

EDIT: for those who think it's okay to use any of my mmorpg tiles, it is not. I am making THESE biome tiles public, not all the rest! I even deliberately made the farmland biome red to say it is not okay to use those. Please do not use the tiles from my [link] for example.
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Are all of the biome sets public including the underwater ones? Or is it just the ones shown above?
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They're so pretty! 
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where are the tiles ? where kan they download. They are really super nice , I would have liked for the RPG Maker XP
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These tiles are absolutely marvelous, i would recommend you follow #PrimroseRPG if You want to make more use of these.
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Hey Kyle would you care if I redid these in 32x32 (not just a resize but literally remaking them in 32x32) and uploaded them to my page?
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Could you (or someone) make these RPGXP ready?
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Some of these are really cool!
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Hello :)  Are these tiles 100% from scratch, or did you use something as a base or as a reference? Would you be okay with them being used in commercial games?

Thank you :)
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This is amazing, great tilesets. I'm hoping to eventually be able to draw pixel art like this.
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can i buy the sky tileset or would you mind if i bought them from the person you commissioned ?
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In The Description, He Says, "Maybe you guys can use it for ideas and edit some up or something as you like."

So As Long As You Change It Up A Bit.
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Wait, so are we allowed to use these, except the one shaded in red?  If so, may I use these for an MMORPG I'm making?  I would totally love to use these.  They're awesome!
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Beautifully done man, very beautifully done.
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Thanks a lot; these are great!
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Question: Can we just use whar's visible in this image, or can we use the uncropped versions you had posted previously of these?
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Like, the Savannah one visible here has an uncropped version posted earlier by you. Can we use the uncropped version?
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For the available biomes, is it possible some small (biome specific) details that are not present in this image, but present in you other maps? Or they are limited to exatly what we see here?
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Yeah sure go ahead.
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Lol they look like they're from Pokemon. Nice job! ;D
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Thanks! These are a bit old now xD
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Can you make a spriting tutorial?
PokemonVSKirby's avatar
Can I resize it for RMXP pls
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oh thank you SO much for making some public ones! i really wanted ones with the full "pixel" detail!
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everyone pls visit my profile,i may be able to help
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