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I have officially been on deviantART for half my life. :dalove:

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Wow, time flies!

It's been a minute, but if you're following me to any degree, you know I'm still active and posting. This past year and half has been a time of learning and growing in my digital painting techniques. I bought my first display tablet to draw on and I ended up loving it. So much, I created 48 pieces of art in 2020. And I just upgraded to an even larger display tablet that I'm equally excited about!

Last November I had the idea to place all these pieces from the year in an art book and write out my through process for many of them. It was something I wanted to come back to and remember. All of 2020 - even before the pandemic started - was such a huge shift in my life. My then wife left me, I gave up one of my kitties, and dealt with loneliness that sent me down a swirling hole of depression which piled up with everything else going on in my life. My heart, my very existence, was shredded into particles and I laid among the broken pieces trying with every ounce I had to figure it out.

It's amazing what a year in isolation can do to and for you. It allowed me to focus an even greater amount on my art and how to really express myself through it. I've always believed art is an emotional experience over semantics. Looking back at each piece made me see the beauty in me, and the people who I can confidently call a friend. It was eye-opening and I grew a lot from it. I'm still broken, but in a way, that's part of the beauty. It's kintsugi and its best.

To ensure I didn't lose these pivotal moments in my life, I set a goal to make an art book. Now, after a few months of designing, writing, proofreading, and looking at different print options, I finally have it made! Again, this was something I had done for myself, but when I mentioned it to some of my friends and family they were very interested in having a copy. So, I decided to make it a public product, and even include some special digital content owner's of the book could download and play with. :)

If you're interested in buying a copy, you can find more details and info here:

My 2020 Artbook is Here!
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Hi. Remember me?

Anyways, I've been quiet on here mostly because I've been putting my efforts towards other ambitions. But, of course, art is the core of who I am, and the one thing that keeps me stitched together. I still really do enjoy going through galleries here and seeing some of the new stuff you all are creating.

I, myself, have been focusing on my favorite medium of choice; video. And I love this time of year because that means I'm mixing my art with my video with Drawing Time Lapse videos! Inktober started and I plan on not only streaming each drawing everyday, but also cutting down a time lapse of each drawing for everyone to watch on YouTube. 

You can follow the streams here:

And you can see the first day Drawing Time Lapse here!

Already really loving the output other artists are doing with Inktober! If there is a reason to love this time of year, this is it!!

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This tutorial is long overdue.
This happens to me all too often, and I know it’s gotta be bugging other people, too! In fact, it happens SO often I made a complete rundown on why your Wacom tablet loses Pressure Sensitivity and how to fix it! Hope it helps.

(The God’s Are Among Us)

Wacom Drivers:…

Orian’s blog for Manual restart of Wacom Driver…

Turning Off Annoying Circle and Window’s Pen Tools:

Wacom Preference File Utility Fix:…

“Owning a cat 'cuts stroke risk by third“…

“Studies Confirm Health Benefits of Having a Cat”…

Full Disclosure: I am NOT a fan of CW's "Supergirl" tv series. It's a joke folks... I'd rather watch Stargate, duh.
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I have been obsessing over this new ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that has recently been connected to the No Man's Sky game.
I started with layering some clues together and now I'm just making full on recap videos! lol.

I've never be part of something like this, and it's been very interesting so far. It's not over yet! There's still a lot to unravel, so if you want to join the puzzles, it's not too late!

I'm on twitter talking about it with my fellow Travellers!

Game Detectives Waking Titan wiki
Waking Titan website
ETARC forums - Home of Waking Titan ARG discussions

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