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Unrequited Love -HP7 SPOILER-

Sorry, I think this will appear twice in your watchbox (does it? I never really knew if that happened in fact...)

Sorta Spoiler for "Deathly Hallows".

EDIT: Changed the hair color due to "she looks like Hermione" comments! But you were right. A little more red doesn't hurt! :D

Snape and Lily.... Because it's cannon! :)

As I said before, unrequited love sucks...

But it's so inspiring!

Actually, I didn't mean to draw this. I was doing some fanart for Septimus in "Stardust" (yay Mark Strong :love: ) and this suddenly popped out of my pencil.

Took me about three hours, colored in photoshop CS3, textures given to me by *phoq
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Yay Stardust inspirations :) I like the expression on his face in this picture
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Lily's hair is gorgeous! Such a fabulous drawing! 
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So much sadness in his eyes :love: :tears:
copicmangagirl98's avatar
Really great drawing of Snape and Lily. I shipped them. Too bad they didn't get together.
Owl-Eye-2010's avatar
It's pretty remarkable, in retrospect, how accurate your art interpreting The Prince's Tale chapter is to how the movie would portray it.
MoonlightcatsArt's avatar
Awwww I love it :) Sadest love story EVER
iheartmoony7's avatar
holy wow! I love the pose, adds an element of the gothic.

All I can think of is Wuthering Heights with it.
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I love the way you draw curls! A very solemn expression on Lily's face, I love it!
VigneAmarylis's avatar
Reminds me of The Phantom of the Opera. Lily; Christine, Snape; Erik/the Phantom
The-Winged-Warden's avatar
This is very beautiful I love how you captured the details and the depths of their expression.
xXWonkaBarXx's avatar
Oh God... the need and hunger in his eyes. You expressed this Very Nicely. :heart:
Myrrha-Silvenia's avatar
Très beau travail sur les expressions comme toujours !
9Klara9's avatar
wow! It's almost like "Beauty and the Beast" ^_^ body language, hair, clothing of Snape - well done!
9Klara9's avatar
The Body language une the picture.. Snape's suit is wonderful, and Lily's( and snape's :3) hair is great - well done!
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snape awesome- lili look like Hermione (The first association) xd
Engaged-and-Underage's avatar
your portrayal of snape is my absolute favorite!
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Great composition! I love Lily's hair curls :D:heart::heart::heart:
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absolutely wonderful
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
Aww, thats so sad..They need to make HP prequals (like they are doing with X-men) because people like me haven't read the books and can't get into them. I would personally love to know how everything all started before Harry was born.
I absolutely love this!
zy-ara's avatar
Dear God! you just took my love of Snape to a whole new level! I absolutely love the work that you do! I love your style too! this piece is absolutely perfect!
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lol as an sshg fan can u post the other one so it looks like her too lol
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