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Typical Hogwarts Class Scene

By kyla79
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Ron, Harry, Hermione, Draco and Neville in class... Well, there isn't much to say about this one! this was especially done for the fun of drawing expressions! Hope you'll enjoy!
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Great art!

Also not sure if Harry is looking at Hermione's paper or at Hermione's butt. :)
hmm what do you ship hinny or harmione? 
if hinny paper
if harmione butt
and if both the night just ended great for harry
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Well I like both but I going with butt because I like Hermione with Harry more.
DianaLilith's avatar
Both, naturally
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Harry's pose though! xD
GraceJediHeart's avatar
Harry's copying off of Hermione! OMG! He's just as bad as I was in class!
GrrHatLet's avatar
Perhaps the most accurate portrayal of Draco I have seen.
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Too funny! This is hilarious! Incredible!
AllyN-One's avatar
Awesome!! The expressions are amazing!!
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Nice expressions! Awesome work :)
omg this is so cute (well, not hermionies face but the rest), i love this, so dynamic!
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Hermione: *possesed by evil demon* ME ME ME ME!! *Dark Overlord voice* PICK ME OR SUFFER THE FATAL CONSEQUENCE MORTLE!,
Isen-Vinter's avatar
lol...she really looks a bit possessed^^
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SO perfect dfjhhjkd
Danceingfae's avatar
Hahaha! So totally love this! All those expressions are priceless!
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Lota fun! Love it!
Leopardenfell's avatar
Yeah... that's so typical! xD
I love it!
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yup, seems about right XD
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lol love the picture... fat draco ... LAWL!
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