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One last look -DH spoil sorta-



Because I am a sucker for angst and emo!Snape

Not a part of the book per say, but something I imagine could have happened... Snape and the mirror of Erised

At first I wanted to do a whole comic page, where you'd see Dumbledore letting Snape have one last look at his beloved Lily.

Colored with photoshop, using textures given by the wondeful :iconphoq: :hug: (check out her gallery, by the way!)
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Snape stared at the mirror with tears in his eyes. Inside there was the image of his beloved friend, Lily, staring back at him with her beautiful green eyes. The sight was unbearable for Snape. His voice broken by the urging desire of crying, he whispered to the mirror:

”Thank you.”

Surprisingly for him, Lily’s reflection’s lips twisted as she whispered back:

“Thank you.”

His awed eyes stared back at her, too overwhelmed to speak.

Her green eyes looked at him gratefully as they both whispered:

”You’re welcome.”