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'Harry Potter' Sketches

Just a bunch of characters from the "Harry Potter" novels!

I guess fullview might be a good thing here...

Oh, and as I won't have internet before... Merry Christmas to all of you!
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Is this bellatrix on the left top corner? XD
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I love how, wherever you go, whoever draws the art and in whatever style, Snape ALWAYS looks like Alan Rickman.
Awesome sketches. Used a couple for a desktop moode art for the local HP-festival. Thanks for sharing :)
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This is awesome! Really made my day. Always like to see characters done in someones personal version, like YOU imagined them after reading the book and these are very true to the descriptions. Great job!
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Best fanart of HP ever !😍
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Best fanart of HP ever!! I LOVE DUMBLEDORE!! And Lucius just looks so hateful xP
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Oh gosh -- I LOVE the attention to detail here, and all of the old fashioned clothing.  And of course your linework is beautiful. I could seriously see this being used in a Harry Potter comic book or illustrated version of the books. Just looks great. :-)
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I love Severus' billowing robes :-)
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You depicted Tonks perfected. XD
ChronoCrusadeRosette's avatar
i love you....these are wonderful
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See, I could see your pictures being what is used in the books! Your Snape is just so.... Badass!
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I like your style :)
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Dumbledore is... well I love your Dumbledore but his robe is odd.
nie jestem pewna czy dobrze rozpoznałam te postacie przy Snapie, jeśli to Tonks to nie wiem czy gorset pasuje do niej.
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i adore your shading!
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I love your very unique, very fitting interpretation of all these characters, especially Lucius Malfoy. Thanks for brightening my day with this beautiful drawing.
ScorchTheCyndaquil's avatar
The one at the top looks more like Umbridge than Mollie Weasley... Anyway this is awesome!
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lol Dumbledore.
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These are all awesome, but I especially love your Dumbledore.
tchelsaetehrock's avatar
theres Molly Weasley at the top with her "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!!!" face on :iconiloveitmoreplz:
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i LOVE your style it inspires me!
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I love the line work in these, beautiful
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Beautiful sketches!
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