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Lightroom Export/Publish to

By kyl191
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A simple Lightroom plugin that can export your files to

Now includes publishing support, so you can continually update your images with Lightroom.
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thank you

however i have watermark enabled, yet it does not seam to add it

any ideas?
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It works fabulously, thank you! :la:
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Hi it's me again back to bug you a little more...  Thanks for the help last time.
I have upgraded to Lightroom CC 2015 and since doing so the plugin has stopped publishing the metadata for the photos... on a plus side the names work just fine :)

Any help would be appreciated by the masses, well me anyways!

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Does your plugin no longer function? It doesn't accept my OAuth token to log in.
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Yes would like to know if this is compatible with Light room CreativeCloud :)
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Is there something wrong in my configuration or it's normal that trying to upload more than 68% Quality Jpeg (4600x3500 px), I get an error "Lightroom network error while uploading to unknown". I'm trying the free version of DeviantArt, is there some file dimension limitation perhaps?

Thanks in advance
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I initially had a problem with the plugin not working after I updated to Adobe CC (Lightroom 5) but I will go back and check with the latest release of the plugin. What I wanted to ask though - when I exported before, the meta wasn't transferred to stash. I had to enter title, descriptions and tags manually. Is this a known issue?

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No, it's not I'm afraid. I haven't tested it on LR 5 though because I don't have a license for it.

I'll see if I have time to try downloading the trial and poking at it sometime this weekend.
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That would be awesome! Thank you!
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I had a problem logging in as well.

I did the following and now it works. I don't know which part of this made it work so i'm posting it all:
1) I reloaded the plugin from the plugin manager
2) I went back to the publish setup and noticed I had no name for the service, so gave it a name
3) Authorized again.  Notice it gave me a different code this time.  Entered the new code.
4) Logged in and everything worked.
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That was also for me the solution of the problem. Thanks for providing :thumbsup:

Thanks to kyl191 for providing the plugin.
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I had to do something similar, I think you have to make sure you give the plugin config a name before you click log in.
Thanks for this, it fixed my login issue as well!
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The key thing there was probably the different code - I had some trouble with dA's changes to the auth system.

Thanks for posting about a success! =)
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Same error for me:
08/31/2014 12:02:20 ERROR    checkResponse: Server error 400 for url:…
08/31/2014 12:02:20 ERROR    getJSON:… was supposed to return JSON, but didn't. We got a server error instead: 400
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Hi, what version of the plugin are you running?
It should be 20140829.211 - the issues in the comments above (which look like your issue) were fixed in that version.
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That's the one I'm using. It turns out it was a browser issue.
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Alright, thanks for letting me know! =)
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Unfortunately not, I'm in the middle of moving to a new city, and I've been unable to replicate the specific issue - Oddly enough, I can still upload images without an issue. I have a suspicion of what is causing the problem though.
I'm hoping to dig in a little more on Monday/Tuesday. In the meantime, could you enable debug logging in the plugin settings, and message me the contents of the debug log, specifically any lines that have ERROR in them?
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I've sent you my log in a note since I didn't want to have to edit any personal info out of it and possibly change what you're seeing.
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For me now it just says "Not Logged In"
When I click login, it has my auth code.  I click ok.
It says "Logging in" then returns to not logged in.
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The plugin has been working for me in LR 5.6... until 2 days ago. I get a message:

Can't update this collection. Error uploading to, even after retrying. Last error was:
Request field validation failed.


I've reset the publisher and reconnected but doesn't resolve the problem.
I love and rely on this app. Please look into the issue.

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