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What do you mean it doesn't 'suit' me? by KyiwtieArt What do you mean it doesn't 'suit' me? by KyiwtieArt
Since I have been drawing men in suit; thought I'd do one of our beloved Sans too! It was also requested xD
It's really weird lol, I also wrote a perfect thing for this scenario;

You were getting ready to go to some special Mettatton evening with your friends when you realised it was time leave.
"Sans are you dressed yet?" You yelled, knocking on his door. "Time's up!"
"Yeah but the tie's missing" He answered as he let you enter the bathroom. 
Your eyes fell on his blazer who was still open, his shirt buttons were closed messily and his hands always seem to look for pockets to hide.
"What?" He contradicted your stare, "Don't think it suits me?" Sans Icon 
You sighed, ignoring the pun, "Have you looked under the bathroom cabinet yet?" You were already crouching to before he got the time to answer. He took so long to just put a suit on.

"If you don't like it I can always take it off."

You froze, this is no time for jokes. It had been so much trouble already helping Papyrus to get ready that you weren't up for his lousy behavior.
"Look," You turned around to lecture him.

"Looking for this?" 

He was just standing there, swinging the blue tie around his finger. You were absolutely mortified. "When did you-?" You stumbled back when your eyes landed on his face.
The thin white pinpricks completely disappeared in his eyes, and his smile was no longer a 'funny guy', but an evil smirk. He looked intimidatingly big from this point of view.

"You know," He bend over, getting uncomfortably close as the cabinet behind you blocked you from moving back, "The ground's dirty, maybe you should take off your clothes ass well."

All you could do is stare at him with your mouth half open, you only managed to let out some weird sounds but words didn't seem be able to form. Your heart pounded faster than a race car could drive and you were pretty sure you felt sweatdrops and blush form on your face.

*ehehe hey, cheer up princess. I was only joking. you should see the look on your face, priceless. [UT ICONS] Sans Winks Forever 50x50 

. 3

. 2

. 1

*Tomoyo Blushing Icon "ssssSSSAAANS!!!

"Missed me."

In case you don't understand, in the end you tried to slap Sans in the face.

art (c)
Proud to draw a male body figure yet again without a reference. I only needed one for the hands though xD
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ooooooooh Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 
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