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[CE] Late Night by KyiwtieArt [CE] Late Night by KyiwtieArt
Contest entry for: angryoldgoat ♥
ART CONTEST HOLLA -active-i've had a shit month so i'm gonna try to make july a better one.
what better way to do this than an art contest? YEH
this one is pretty simple:
-draw one or more of the characters below.
-you may use any form of media: pixel, traditional+digital, paint, animations, sketchpage, icons, page dolls etc! i'm going to take writing off the list, however. sorry, writers!
-nsfw, suggestive, gore/guro, and sfw are all okay, and have equal contribution to the contest. if you can't handle this, don't enter. simple as that.
-artistic liberties, experimental palettes, and different outfits are also acceptable!
-please spread the word by issuing a contest journal or a signal boost if you can! i really want to see what the art community has to offer, as i've been so uninvolved with it.
-you can absolutely draw my characters with yours! keep in mind that both have boyfriends, however, so anything beyond sfw that involves your+my characters will need to be ok'd by me first.

Ilias! the BOI of the H00D!

Ok so since I was short on time I was going to enter a coloured sketch because line-art takes too much time, but then I got kinda carried away and I turned it into a painted headshot?? ?? ?? ? ??  XD

I wanted to give it a gloomy feel so I tried not to exaggerate the colours too much. I hope I did't ruin the character's vibe with it? I think it enhances him!

Original size is;

4724×5466 300DPI

large enough to edit and use for prints and stuff, that's how I like itttttttttttttttttttttttt (but SAI doesn't since it crashed 2 times in the process lol)
So I'll send the original full size to the host after the contest is over because YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE

I hope you like it and I wish good luck to all contestants! 

le mayo 

Trash Dove Excuse My French (not my art) 

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July 30, 2017
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