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Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of when I began my webcomic, Waking Up Dead!

Unfortunately the comic, has been on official hiatus for a little over half a year now, but I’m working on it in the background of my life. I have a few finished pages I’m sitting on, but I’d like to have a decent buffer before I start updating again, so I don’t fall behind.

From left to right, the characters are Mark, Will, Terry (top of couch), Sasha, Shirtless Steve, and Stranger (the Grim-Reaper).

I decided in honor of the three-year mark, I’d test out my new Manga Studio skills to shop an unreleased promo image I did a long time ago. Holy crap, has my style changed. I should post the original image (which was drawn before Mark and Terry were even officially introduced) so people can see how vastly different the characters look now. I spent the first half-hour just re-drawing everyone’s heads, because of how much my style changed.

Fun-fact: Midway through coloring, I realized: I never actually decided what Steve’s hair color was. All this time, I’ve been working on the comic in black-and-white, so I never had to actually think about that. I tried out a bunch of different things, but I think I settled on the best choice. Steve works well as a dirty-blonde.

You can download this image (without the promotional text) as a Desktop Wallpaper here.
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