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Slodh, the trader

So, Slodh is a character I've created who is very close to my heart. He has exclusively existed in tabletop games up until this point, specifically the game Burning Wheel and in the Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I've run.

Every player who has crossed paths with Slodh has absolutely loved him, whereas every Player Character has had the opposite reaction.

Generally when I play characters in table-top games, my character is an ideal of mine. Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, heroic, funny; they are something I wish I was. Slodh, specifically, is designed to be the opposite. An ornary, short, ugly, smelly disgusting businessman, Slodh is an incomprehensible troll of a man, whose antics always end up being quite hysterical.

The character's role was always as a trader of goods and services, and a damn good one at that. He'd always sell fine merchandise and make great business. However, he was very less than heroic, often hiding when things got dicey or if he were in any form of danger.

But what pulled Slodh together had to be the way I played him. I basically created an accent specifically for him, which can be best explained by, "removing most consonants from words."

Regardless, I am very proud of Slodh as a character, and in his design, and try to recycle him as much as possible.

Slodh is © Glenn J. Reisher, AKA Kyhan.
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