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Goblins! Concept art



So, this is a simple little design I made for a unique re-working for Goblins.

In this idea, Goblins are small, heart-sized creatures which live in hives. Generally, Goblins are considered pests, as everything either belongs to Goblins, or has been stolen from Goblins in their eyes. They are notorious for robbing humans and stealing valuables and furniture (the top-right corner is to show multiple goblins lifting a couch).

"How could they steal furniture," you might ask, "they're the size of a heart!" Well, they have an innate magical ability that provides each goblin with a 10' aura. A goblin is individually quite weak, but when one goblin's aura collides with another goblin's aura, the two goblins double in strength. However, this also causes a chain-reaction, so if a third goblin comes in from another side, and its aura overlapps with the aura of one of the two goblins, all 3 goblins now have a 4x strength bonus. As a result, enough goblins can overpower most creatures, and can literally move mountains.

Additionally, Goblins communicate mainly through body language and tone, not through language. As such, a human communicating with a goblin would seem very interesting to watch.

These goblins are © Glenn J. Reisher, AKA Kyhan.
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