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When Photos Become Nightmares

4 min read


DEEP ROOTS.. by chryssalis


sadness II by Lhianne

:iconalexnoreaga:Species 2 by alexnoreaga
:iconsisterslaughter165:Sisterslaughter by Sisterslaughter165
La Comtesse Vampire by frenchfox


Viuda negra by Marazul45
:iconshades-of-lethe:The Darkness Within by Shades-Of-Lethe
:iconnotvitruvian:Despair by Notvitruvian
:iconpri-santos:Dark Fantasy by Pri-Santos

:iconflobelebelebobele:Theresa by Flobelebelebobele

Fractals Edge 1 (Greenish Tone) by KarahRobinson-Art

The Joker by Garden-Of-BlackRoses
Wreckless and wild by D3vilusion
Rest In Peace by jaded-ink
:iconinspiredinsanity:The Cure by InspiredInsanity

CSS and background by derelictvampire
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Comment on this journal and I'll.....

1 min read
"Sometimes I see these and can't resist commenting, so now I finally fulfill the journal return part"...:D  "Slightly edited to my own liking of course"...:evillaugh:
1. Explore your gallery

2. Associate you with something- random, a song, a color, a photo, etc.
3. Feature 1 of your deviations in a future art feature.
4. Give you a llama.
5. Ask you something serious, strange, or silly.
6. Tell you my favorite deviation of yours.
7. Tell you something about myself.
8. If you and I are sown together in a morgue. Using only 3 words ,what I would say to you.
9. In return, you must post this in your journal. (Your comment should contain a link to your own journal post if you want a reply, and if you posted one in the past? That is good enough)  ;p
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More? :eager:

24 votes
Paranormal Retouches?
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6 min read
I was Tagged by
"Typically I ignore these things, but figured why not this time"...:p

The Rules
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say you don't do tags.

Questions for me
1 Where are you born ?
"Earth"...To be more specific a hospital...on Earth ;p
This hospital happens to be located at Fort Knox, Kentucky USA

2 Are you happy over what you create and submit here, your own artworks.?
I create for a hobby; and enjoy doing it regardless of whether the finished work sucks, or not.  So yes, I am happy with what I create...:iconsparklesmileplz:

3 Your favorite Comedy series on TV?
Typically I do not watch any comedy T.V. series, however "Big Bang Theory" is to enjoyable not to watch...:laughing:

4 You must move from your country, which country do you choose?
Uhhh?  Is Middle Earth an option?
I guessing no, since its a fictional location...How about Germany...I lived there once as a toddler, and only had the polizei called on me once in three years...:iconisaydanceplz:

5 Do you play any instrument if not, what do you want to be able to play?
Nope...Never took up interest in creating music...I'm content with being a listener...:iconblackbangplz:

6 In short words... What is your dream home look like ?
A medieval castle...:iconknightplz:

7 If you met President Obama, what would you have said to him?
You talk to much...:iconblahblahblahplz:

8 Who are the hottest/sexiest man on earth in your eyes?

9 What woman on earth do you want to be if you could change for a day?
I really don't believe I would want to know what it is like to be female...:iconprettygirlplz:

10 Do you know anything about Sweden ?
Epic landscape, and those I have met from there are good people...:iconnewhugplz:

10 things about me

1.  Art has always been an aspect of my life in one form or another.
2.  The paranormal catches my interest, but I am actually highly skeptical about most things in that area.
3.  I've worked many trades, but have not yet found happiness in doing any of them.
4.  Lately I have been thinking of doing art and photo retouching as a career, but I'm not sure if I have what it takes to earn enough to accommodate my debts and lifestyle.
5.  Spring and Autumn are my favorite times of year.  It's always amazing to watch the entire landscape awaken and later go to sleep in a colorful display...:)
6.  I feel most alive when away from civilization.
7.  I have a college degree acquired in 2011, but it has not benefited me at all yet.
8.  I operate a printing press as my current job making business, medical, and industrial labels.
9.  I find inspiration for art everywhere, however time is always limited.
10.  I now have a hunger to be more tomorrow, than I am today...Persevere...:la:

My Questions
1.  Would you donate your own heart to save a loved ones life, knowing it will end your own?

2.  Do you think humanity is a positive or negative presence on this Earth?

3.  What extinct animal would you like to see alive?

4.  How do you react when you witness something so strange that you do not understand anything that is going on in the situation?

5.  Would you accept having your mind linked to collective of others, making you wiser and more knowledgeable.  However your deepest secrets will be known, and all thoughts shared?

6. Squirrels are rabid and rapidly biting people where you live.  The situation is beyond any public animal control service.  What are you going to do?

7.  If offered to be a member of the fist group to colonize Mars...Would you go?

8.  What does your own existence mean to you?

9.  I present you a totally strange dish of food and I told you to eat it, it's good!...Would you do it?

10.  Do you find these questions strange?...:evillaugh:

Random Victims

:iconzarine-aybara::icondark-angel669::iconkatitziart::iconklove4ever: :iconhehayo::iconfictionchick::icondhbraley::iconfrenchfox::iconsarahp1996: :iconeveningstars242:

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GOing all medieval on that @$$!!!

6 min read

Kaylynn by babsartcreations
Blessed by Phatpuppyart-Studios:iconellysiumn:

The Archer by Ellysiumn

.:Dark Warrior:. by EerilyfairDesign

:iconnotvitruvian:The Vigil by Notvitruvian


The Wanderer by KarinClaessonArt

The Knight. by Eisanka:iconfrenchfox:Witchcraft Forest by frenchfox
Barbarian by Anstellos

VIGILANTES MORTUIS by CGSoufiane:iconpjenz:
Longing  for you.................... by pjenz
Garden of the Black Rose by TheologianoftheGash
Silver by korbox:iconknightplz:

dragon: Elevit-Stock, mountains: fantom89, wastelands: resurgere | wroth, chains: ocd1c-stock, scroll: | ba1969, brushes: redheadstock & iMouritsa; coding and graphics by kuschelirmel-stock
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When Photos Become Nightmares by KYghost, journal

Comment on this journal and I'll..... by KYghost, journal

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GOing all medieval on that @$$!!! by KYghost, journal

Seasons Change by KYghost, journal