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Jawbone Knife

Made from a broken handled letter opener with 440 stainless steel and a dear jaw that I found in the woods. 
Came out looking better than I expected...:D
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This is amazing! I would love to have something like this! 😍😍
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Thanks!  The idea of a jawbone knife is far from original :iconcavemanplz: but I did what I could to make it unique.  I must have viewed thousands online to see what if anything has not been done.  Did pretty much the same thing on this one…
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Well it's very neat! And I certainly love it cx
And the other knife is so cool as well!! But I know the struggle on looking stuff up haha xD
cactus-in-bloom's avatar
Absolutely amazing:heart:
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:D Glad you like!
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Such things are make it :)
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I don't think I'm that skilled but maybe someday. XD
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a guy who makes blades out of human bones .... YIKES! 
wouldn't want you as a neighbor 
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Deer actually, but human bones would work just as well :devilish: BTW I'm an awesome neighbor :headbang: 
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have you watched the movie: bone tomahawk?
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Not familiar with that one. Is it any good?
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Have to check it out when I got the time.  Holiday weekends just starting so its party time! :headbang:
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Wow, that's the coolest knife I've ever seen :o (Eek) 
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:blush:  Thank You!
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Thanks I gotta better perspective on what you did and it looks amazing I might have to forge a knife and try my hand at this
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I didn't know if it was going to turn out decent or trash, being I never tried anything like this.  I just let imagination guide me and figured out the rest as I went.
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That's kinda how it's going with the hidden blade I'm making lol I know the basics but imma just let my brain figure it out as I go lol
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