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Changes are the things keeping us right in the era. Not always easy, it's a necessear pain to make things go farther. So will it be for my pictures and galleries. Let me explain...

Working in the image world always push you to make more and more original content. But in the end, only a few part is selected for use or exhibition. This doesn't mean left works don't deserve to be shown or used. Just a natural way to offer an easy selective quick view of works more than flooding until boredom. My actual problem is ( was ^^) on the how to make these two categories live side by side ? Hardly thinking about it, my conclusion was finally to split those worlds by giving priority to full finished Artwork images on my own website and offering Stock Pictures through DeviantArt.

For those who explored my websites galleries, they are a very personal universe of views and projects. An unlimited dive into image creation, whatever technique is used. Simple drawings or roughs, photo scenes and advanced compositings... there are so many way to make an idea reach the eye of people. That's my main activity, what I like and what keeps me exploring news things to share. I will seriously reduce posts of those artwork on DA since they are the most precious things I've got to share and this may not be the right place for this. My official website will remain the one and only place to find those visual candies, leaving me enough control on the way to share them with audience.

From tests to series there is a serious stock of unshown pictures. Not bad as you may imagine ; just they were not selected for final use... this perpetual problem of "selecting more than flooding". But if I don't really use them myself, I would be glad to know other people would enjoy making something of them. These more generic images don't have their place in a exhibition but can give satisfaction to people just liking them, or in need of something, part or full picture, to create their own works. That's where Stock Pictures just come out the surface.
I plan to use DeviantArt for sharing a huge amount of these mostly unpublished visuals. As previous category, it's filled with drawings, roughs, photos, composites and renderings. I plan to split Stock Images in two parts : the Given one, offered for enough good reasons to make them free ; the Sold one (very fair price) that needed money investment to be created. Both will be offered through CC-BY-SA license, meaning you can do anything of it until it remains a non commercial use.

This experimentation may start in early 2016 and will go on if working as guessed. There are little fees to cover to make Stock Pictures available on DA ; I'll pay them for the first year and just see if sold content is enough to make the experience go farther. I've really got no idea of were all this will go still YOU are the key of this all. Let's go for a try ?...

Peace & care for each other around.
[ your comments / suggestions always welcome ]
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