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Game of Thrones - The Kill List

This image on Tumblr - [link]

Illustration done for the Geek-Art Game of Thrones art show. It opened in Paris last week, at the Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Mond. Obviously, I had to do Arya Stark, because come on, it’s Arya Stark.

There will be a very limited quantity of prints on sale on site, and eventually online if there are any left.
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This is beautiful!
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I love your pallete!! Amazing work!
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Entire family loves GOT, showing this to them blew their minds. Such a wonderful piece!
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This is amazing, love the style.  When I see it it makes me want to know how you'd draw something from the Kingkiller Chronicles or the Stormlight Archive, it would be amazing!  
Sudway's avatar
Wow! Amazing work!
Arahiriel's avatar
You have such a wonderful drawing style. Very well use of colours.
sophia-annalisia's avatar
This is amazing. Great artwork!
howcanthisB's avatar
Beautiful Colors. Awesome composition. Great work.
tashiturn's avatar
Well damn. I love the texture from all the lineart and that the colors became sort of like a gradient instead. <3 
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This is amazing! I love the style and the colours.
What do the antlers mean? :)
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Something to do with the Baratheon stag... I wasn't too sure of it myself ahah
Wintertatze's avatar
I see. :D Well, great picture anyway!
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Talk about "Stick 'em with the pointy end." I adore this. It's so fluid. Well done.
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OH man! Where were you when I needed a title for this illustration? :D
YumeSprite's avatar
lol, really!? That line has been waiting to come full circle since the beginning! The fat boy doesn't count. But don't worry. Your title makes a lot more sense for the piece as a whole - all those "names" checked off in the background. Pretty awesome. :)
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Breathtaking. Such a powerful piece! 
Kyendo's avatar
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This is my favorite GoT artwork thus far <3 I'm guessing the lion in the back is Cersei, but who's the one in the front?
sk8trboi41012's avatar
I love this..such powerful imagery and masterful execution of the piece. I love the attention to detail and the general feel! :love: Your style is really unique and wonderful!
Ysvyri's avatar
Your work is so enjoyable, brilliant stuff, very inspiring.
Maija's avatar
Oh my, that is gorgeous! The lion looks awesome, sort of Chinese dragon -esque feel!
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