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My contribution for Goddamn Secret Santa over at tumblr. It's for ~ethereel, who likes Shadow of the Colossus, dramatic scenes and intense lighting. In other words - best assignment ever.

Happy holidays, everyone!

(I don't even give a hoot about this site's category system anymore, seriously, it's so ridiculously limited and black and white)
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Citron--Vert's avatar
I feature your wonderful deviation here
Kyendo's avatar
Thank you! And thanks for letting me know! :)
whatstheandy's avatar
wow, this is awesome :D and i love that game
TheLivingShadow's avatar
this is simply incredible!
BluRequiem's avatar
Yah~ Shadow of the Colossus art! Beautiful!
ryulota's avatar
That game = <3
Adoro adoro, stunning as always <3
bad-chop-suey's avatar
Wow, what was it drawn with?
Kyendo's avatar
Pencil. Photoshopped after scanning, but all I used on paper was pencil.
Rhunyen's avatar
Cool shadow/texture concept. Me likey.
Kyendo's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad :)
ipratropium's avatar
impressionante, como sempre
JKyung's avatar
great sense of scale, love the gloomy feeling. Of course I'm also bias, this being one of my fav games of all time <3
Kyendo's avatar
Thank you! I'm not even sure what feeling I was going for (apart from the positive/negative figures and size different), so it's always nice to know people feel something.
JKyung's avatar
that's the beauty of your subject matter, I always felt a sense of melancholy when slaughtering the seemingly gentle giants in the game, I suppose I'm just projecting. learning alot from this
TMirai's avatar
I can't tell you how much I love this piece <3 It's so evocative and for anyone who has played the game, this captures the tone of it so well. The colors are beautiful and I love the cool blue symbol in the midst of all of that warm color, and the figure's reversed out form in the huge mass of the colossus. Really fantastic.
Kyendo's avatar
Thank you! I figured there is already a plethora of images from Colossus at this scale, but usually the colours are more green/grey like the game, so I figured I'd give it a little colourful twist. I'm glad I still managed to capture SotC. :)
Jawsum's avatar
I was like "This is sooo Shadow of th---" *reads description* Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet |D hahaha <3 WELL DONE!
Kyendo's avatar
Ahah, yes. :) Thanks!
Artistio777's avatar
ahhhhhhhh this brings back so much memories. <3 it!
Selladorra's avatar
I got this game for my brother for Xmas :) I'm super pumped to try it out myself. Great work!!
Kyendo's avatar
It's an amazing game, I'm sure you'll both love it :)
Paimonerra's avatar
Wow wow wow! This is such a beautiful interpretation of the game. Looooove!
Kyendo's avatar
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