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Revisiting a drawing from circa 1996. Here's the original.

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caradecunha2's avatar
Wait where is the 17-13=04 ?

Really cool :)
Love this drawing; great atmosphere. There are so many stories you can go on to tell about it.
lawsdraws's avatar
LOL, I think you've improved a teeny bit?

The mood is so.......moody. *grasps for proper vocab*

SO lovely, Ricardo. <3
Kyendo's avatar
Ahah, yes, I had a bit of time to improve! Thank you! :)
Spikeghost's avatar
damn, quite the difference. This is fantastic.
akilight's avatar
itland-9-13's avatar
Well that's some improvement right there =)
rubbe's avatar
i would like to see all elements from the original though lol
Excelent art, and the original, too :lol:
antleredjackrabbit's avatar
0/10, forgot the smiling sun 
Goodnight-Melbourne's avatar
What's the story behind it? :)
Kyendo's avatar
I'm sure whatever you imagine will be better than anything I could come up with!
draco-lucius-malfoy's avatar
I can't decide which is better, this or the original!
Kyendo's avatar
Ahah, I'm hoping this one!
draco-lucius-malfoy's avatar
I don't know, the original has a lot of charm!!
jkemeny's avatar
Such intense colors...realy gives it a surreal feeling.
Allyatharii's avatar
oh wow these colors are amazing O: so powerful!
brightling's avatar
This is really stunning.  I keep wanting to look just over the horizon to see if its the world on fire, or just the sky.  You know there's a story in there.
Kyendo's avatar
(just between you and me, I was going to include a couple of dragons in the sky, but removed them because it felt like too much. So maybe the world really is on fire)
carlosgarijo's avatar
i see here the summer spirit. Great work!
Darsy's avatar
17-14=04! XD
Great work man! ;)
Bwahaha! My favorite part is that the old one has math written at the top. Lol, anyways. This is fantastic! :D
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