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This is about 3/4 of the actual illustration for Heresy Gaming.
It is going to be used as a background for a two page spread magazine article therefore it is a bit rough at parts.
Unfortunately it didn't quite turn out like I hope it would (once more) but due to my problems with my arm/wrist it took me way longer then it should have and it was hard to stay focused while being forced to only paint a bit here and there...

Pretty much all the elements and the character description are by Heresy Gaming. She is not in any way linked to American Mcwhateverheiscalled Alice :D but she is obviously most probably inspired by it.

This piece is COPYRIGHTED!

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy nevertheless :)

*goes to pamper her arm now*
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© 2005 - 2021 Kyena
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You are featured hun -> [link]
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Thanks for the artwork :cuddle:
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What the hell is this doing in SCRAPS??? :confused: This should be a deviation!!
I like it, however I´d like her better probably with brown hair and erh.. more skirt. Its a blit slutty right now, which mostly is because Im used to Mc'gees alice :P
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This is a great little twist on the classic :D
I'm actually hosting an Alice in Wonderland contest at the moment, if you're interested :aww:
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1 word: AMAZING!!!

wooww! i looooved the hair, the face, the look... i mean, that's really impressive!

and +fave
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Despite the odds she turned out great! Especially the head, the detail is terrific!!!
Hope you're better now btw :)
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i love American Mcwhateverheiscalled Alice and i think that the front mushroom is really not detailed enought... but it's good.
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hehe there is another problem with the mushroom I noticed after I finished it - thanks for the feedback though.
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awesome as usual
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The whole piece is great but what strikes me the most is the beautyfull detail on the gloves, very very well done!!
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Beautiful, love the detail. What is she holding a glass shard?
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Wow!!! Fantastic work! Great job!! I really loved it!!!
Oh, and, I hope your arm gets better!!
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OMFG! I love it! Wow, this is sooo good!
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Fantastic details! :clap:
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ALICE, I like this! :-)
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oooh, I like the glove, with the lace and all
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Stunning! :D Another wonderful job with detail and mood and all that stuff!

Nice choices with the background too; I like the mushrooms better than the goblin

Oh yeah, I think that's American McGee you're thinking of =P
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looks well done i love the three boxed images to the right :clap::clap::clap:
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oh man- they made Alice BLONDE.

my image of it is ruined... XD but not bad- that looks good!
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This is the final version? :O So what happpened to the little goblin guy, I really liked him. The hair, her dress are both absolutley AMAZING. The purple thing on her arm and her boots-- I assume they're the same material-- their shadings are a bit too flat though. Also, it looks like they should be lit a little from the front side by the same light on the mushrooms, imo :) And the tiles she's standing on would be good if they had some of that texture as the tiles on the right side of the picture, slightly too clean as they are now. (and surely Alice would cast *some* shadows on the floor, even with the multiple lightsources?)

Really excellent job on the bg scenery too, it is very awesome :) Sorry to hear about your arm, I hope it's feeling better. :)
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