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This DA page is for my "Love is a Rarity" project. I understand that OCxCanon shipping has gotten a bad rep in the past. It is my hope that one day this can change. I also hope viewers can see that not ALL OCxCanon shipping is perverse, and/or, meant to be "in your face";there exists some that is tasteful, respectful, and even romantic.

So Its my hope you can enjoy what you find here; doing so without being offended. Thank you :3

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Liking this oc design, matches with rarity well, especially the green eyes in contrast. 

your OC kydose is soooooo precious <3

I have a rarity plushie lol 
They seem like such a sweet pair. I ship it.
Would it be okay if I had art commissioned that had your OC appearing in it?
That would depend on the context, content, and artist. I would normally just say that I rather you didn't. However my curiosity has been tickled so I will ask what you specifically had in mind?
Content-wise any stuff I commission never goes beyond PG.

The idea for the pic is based on "Rarity Investigates" where Rarity is watching Rainbow Dash perform with the Wonderbolts from the bleachers in Canterlot. It would be like that except she's not a reserve any more. Kydose would be snuggling up to Rarity while she's watching.

My own OC (that's this grey pony…) would be sitting in a different row. Like you do with Kydose and Rarity I'm doing my best to put him in a believable relationship with Rainbow Dash; although at the moment they're only friends.

Art-wise, I don't have too much of an idea right now who I would commission it frrom
Oh what the hell, why not. As long as its pg rated I have no real reason to say no. So good luck with your commission, and whatever story you're trying to tell. Hope it fairs better than mine.