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(It's pronounced Ron-vee-ay.)

"Too often I find that people burden themselves with useless philosophies through which they must filter every action, every thought, every aspect of their bleeding life for fear of committing an action deemed unacceptable. I've seen quite a number of individuals who could be stopped in their tracks by having to consider whether or not their conduct was good, evil, or ethically neutral. To their error, they never give credit to simplicity. For me, the canvas of Morality is blank.

...and I was never much for painting anyway."

-Fauntleroy Ranvier

Age: 31
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 163 lbs

Likes: Etiquette, seeing others in pain, administering torture, Groucho Marx quotations, military hardware, money, having fun, being charitable, expensive suits, Cuban cigars, children (Not the way you're thinking, so get that mind out of the gutter. He actually just gets along with them easily because of his philosophy.), toys, fancy banquets, kittens, and reminiscing about a girl he knew when he was a kid. (He's vague on the details, and sees no reason to let anyone in on the subject.)

Dislikes: Those who are not punctual, rudeness, incompetency, flawed systems, painting, people who wish him ill, getting stains on his clothes, street gangs, getting shot (it's just such an ordeal, and it also gets bloodstains on his clothes!), hip hop, rap, and country music.

Abilities: Fauntleroy has the power to remotely influence the neural transmissions of living nervous systems telepathically. This allows him to make people feel pain without having to actually attack them. Of course, pain is not his only controlled feeling. He can also make people feel coolness, warmth, softness, ticklishness, thirst, hunger, wet, dry, and everything in between. He has a range of up to 100 feet, and the strength of his influence drops off with distance, so what might be mind-stabbing pain from 10 feet, is more of a dull headache at 90. Upon physical contact, Fauntleroy’s powers become nearly absolute, allowing him to actually damage the nervous system, causing paralysis, blindness, hearing loss, seizures, and even heart attacks if he so chooses. His powers also influence his own system. Naturally, he’s used it to make himself unable to feel pain.

Story: Fauntleroy is originally of French descent, but officially has no nationality. He was raised from an embryonic state by scientists that were part of a Federal Security project known as Stealth Angel. This program utilized extremely complex experimental techniques of what could be considered "quantum biology" to give sensory "powers" to individuals under its control. Fauntleroy was given the ability of ranged nerve induction, and was used in top secret government interrogations to "soften up" targets undergoing questioning. Because of his powers, he was named after Louis-Antoine Ranvier, a 19th century physician who discovered Ranvier's Tactile Disks, a type of sensory nerve ending, and the Nodes of Ranvier, gaps formed between myelin sheaths that wrap around axons and neurons.
Over the course of a few years, Fauntleroy started to get addicted to his powers, becoming overwhelmingly sadistic and hard to control. At the age of 11, he burned down the Stealth Angel compound and murdered as many of its scientists as he could before disappearing into the criminal underworld. He worked his way through the ranks of several crime organizations with surprising speed, and was feared by the majority of crime families by the age of 17. When he was 28, he launched his own syndicate, the Ranvier Ltd. Financial Group, and now brokers big international deals behind the scenes while maintaining a perfectly legitimate facade under the same company.

Ranvier, Decibel, and their story belong to me. :iconkydoon:
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Meatwad-Mobile's avatar
sounds like kind of a jerk.tho i like his design.anyone with lapels on their suit is cool!
Jiosen's avatar
Ok... *takes deep breath* Ok...


That's how I feel about this character. In all seriousness, let's go over this. I mean c'mon! Awesome back story, amazing power, great motive. You have all the makings of an excellent villain. And I love his expressions. He's an evil (expletive) with a tinge of humor and what appears to be fragments of a soul. This guy is just perfect, imo.

That quote is excellent, btw.
Kydoon's avatar
Okay, I REALLY need to reply to this before it's a month late.

Thank you SO much for your kind words! I'm overjoyed to know I've made a villain that is well balanced in those areas! The last major villain I made (that has been scraped for a couple years now) was a horrifically overpowered, under developed deliverer of death manufactured purely for the vindication of what I felt was the drastic underestimation of telekinesis in fiction. This guy had telekinetic powers bordering on GODLIKE, and later on I was reminded of the character Phoenix from X-Men, which was essentially what I was trying to do, but better. When I went to the drawing board on Ranvier, I was determined for more subtlety with his power, and in a blessing from on high, I was struck with "pain."

As for the quote; again, I acknowledge the generosity of your opinion. When I started reading the Dune books, I loved how each chapter was marked with some quotation that vaguely fit the following plot. So I made it my practice to always put of quote from Fauntleroy or about Fauntleroy in the comments.
Jiosen's avatar
This is why I laud Ranvier. He's not just "one more". You've basically outlined some of the things I always run into when making a villain. I tend to go for the "ULTRA MEGA POWERFUL UNSTOPPABLE INCARNATION OF EVIL" kind of thing and you I just wind up adding to the pile of hyped-up villains. More of the same. Creating a villain is pretty hard so I always flip when I see one that's well "constructed". XD
Pikmaniak's avatar
Have you by chance ever thought of entering an OCT with him ?

I mean, he's simply awesome !
I have honestly NEVER heard of a character with an ability like his, and the backstory is something unheard of (to me anyway. Not sure if this is the case for anyone else...)

I'm hosting an OCT called "Proving Grounds" if you are interested. I think he'd make a fine addition to the currently lacking roster.

(Sorry for advertising that on here btw.)
Kydoon's avatar
O.O Whoa.

Never once did I ever think that I would be invited to an OCT. This is truly an honor.

I'm so sorry to politely decline your offer though, sir. I'm afraid I'm too far inept in the areas of speed and free time to dedicate myself to a tournament at this point. I'm also afraid that Fauntleroy, as a character, just wouldn't quite fit with the tournament theme. Here, I'll let him explain.

"Mr. Pikmaniak, my good fellow, I received your offer for an all-expenses paid vacation, and although honored, I must say I am quite at a loss as for why I would be interested. Managing a global financial firm is rigorous and demanding work, yes, but corporate retreats on the grand scale are not hard to come by. I alone have a net-worth of over $17.5 billion. Why, the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is but pocket change to me!
So I thank you graciously for your offer, but I'm afraid I'm not in the right demographic to be swooned by such opportunities."

Wishing the Best,
-Fauntleroy Q. Ranvier.
Pikmaniak's avatar
Lol XD

Love the explaination, but Lloyd and Leon are the ones who he should be responding to. lol

Anyway, I understand, it's perfectly fine. (of course). I should tell you though, that
there's a ton of remaining slots, and the OCT won't be starting for another month and a
half. (estimated, and hoped for). So even if Fauntleroy would not fit, I'm sure there must
be another option or two. Nonetheless, I won't pester you with it, but perhaps you'll change
your mind as the tournament's overall theme and such are updated and refined. Thanks. c:
Kydoon's avatar
Damn! I can't believe I forgot to put up the fourth wall! :doh:

No worries man, if anything works out on my end, I might have characters that would be susceptible to vacation offers, or you could consider my services as a consultant or judge. Thanks again, man!
Pikmaniak's avatar
I edited what the OC's are fighting for, but sure.
If I need a judge, I'll definately let you know.

Other than that, I would much appreciate it
if you could spread the word about Proving Grounds.

cloudbabykc's avatar
He's so cool I love how original he is and how suave he looks ;; I love your expressions SO MUCH kdjng
Kydoon's avatar
How did you not see it in your inbox? I think I can answer that. I took the liberty of diving into your statistics, and have found that you watch 971 people!!

I mean... HOLY CRAP! How are you able to keep up with that? I watch 57 people and I still get overwhelmed!

So I could see where it might be easy to miss quite a bit when one is treading water in a sea of deviations.

And no need to hurry on giving me glorious things I scarcely deserve. If there's one thing I am it's profoundly patient. ^^

live2insertwrd's avatar
so awesome, great job!! :D
Ap-HrO-dI-iTe's avatar
Omg this is so awesome :) oh um but shouldn't it be "Too often" in the first sentence of Ranvier's quote? Not to be a grammar Nazi or anything...
Kydoon's avatar
omg! A typo! thanks for pointing that out. *fixed!
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"What kind of character is this?"
"It's right up your alley."
Sukautto's avatar
So freaking cool!
Kydoon's avatar
I'm still not sure if I'm happy with this. The upper left corner needs something, and I need to explain more about his powers without getting long-winded.
Sukautto's avatar
Ohhh, ohohohoh! I really like the description now!

DUDE, he would HATE my character Myrun. Awesoooooome! I'm already thinking of an epic battle I might work on on the side. >8D
Kydoon's avatar
Cool! I feel like I've designed him a bit more intelligently now. Having a villain able to hate other villains is something not to be wasted. Wait...Myrun is a villain, isn't she? Is there even a distinction in your story? :XD:
Sukautto's avatar
Of course Myrun is a villain! She's always late, rude, vulgar..Really, she has/likes everything this guy hates. 8D

I am trying to incorporate her into the group of characters I am making up that are all in.."The City", if you will. ;)
Kydoon's avatar
O_o That would be the title if I was writing that story. "The City."

So like I asked, are there distinct protagonists in the city? If so, would Lenya be one? She seems innocent enough to be, regardless of the net's influence.
Sukautto's avatar
Lenya is, but "Mr. Net" is brought out a bit more, though, because it'll be older Lenya, so she would be like this a lot: [link] . If you're talking more about the ones that were there before my characters that are, like, a part of the group "The Sound", then Myrun kind of is, too, but she's just sort of there, so I don't know if I would really include her or not..

My character Ples is definitely one of the protagonists, and there are going to be some conflicts between his character and Lenya's, which, in my opinion, will be pretty bad ass.
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