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The Oldest Four

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After remaking Siri I decided to make the rest of his siblings too. There are a total of 7 siblings but there are 11 family members total. Made the first four including Siri.
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from left to right

Cassius II Venilia: Named after his father, he is the eldest of the Venilia siblings. He takes his job as his father's oldest very seriously...too serious sometimes. Doesn't even like to crack a smile or even speak normal and not speak like his father. He makes sure to keep all his siblings in line and can be very bossy which causes Kiri to rebel against him. He is very orderly and everything has to be in a distinct order or he'll freak. 27 years old.

Hayden Venilia: The fashionable second child of the Venilia siblings. He is very elegant and fashionable just like his 'mother'. He doesn't really take his responsibility seriously and often gets scolded by Cassius. He is very flirtatious with almost anyone and doesn't mind sleeping around. He has had numerous of lovers, boyfriends, and girlfriends but his relationships don't last very long. He is very fond of Siri and likes to baby him a lot even if he hates it. He will snap if he is annoyed or irritated. 25 years old.

Kiri Venilia: The most rebellious of the four of them and the third child. He hates being told what to do and likes to do things his way. He doesn't dress in the typical outfit of their family but he is into the punk rock style. He loves music and wants to become a musician but his father thinks otherwise. He doesn't listen to what Cassius or his father says and he often gets in trouble. He tends to pick on Siri more than his other siblings for various reasons. 21 years old.

Siri Venilia: The insecure and shy one and the middle child. He is the total opposite of all his siblings. He is kind, gentle but a coward even if he tries to be brave. He can be a crybaby and this causes him to get picked on by Kiri. He is the artist of the family and enjoys drawing more than anything. He talks quite a lot and tends to ramble on without knowing it just like his 'mother'. He can cook, clean, and do most things just like a housewife. He absolutely loves anything strawberry. 19 years old.

Art, Venilia Siblings (c) :iconkyav-tri:
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Ooooh they're all so pretty *^* I want to protect siri though he's so precious aksqisiisdi 
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They get their looks from their parents
You can still protect him if you want, he will need protection from Kiri
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