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going to acen this weekend, see you guys there!
Welp. I need some work and some cash so if anyone is interested in a commission, shoot me a note and we can work things out
I will be there! No fancy things like an artist table, but I will probably be handing out some jewelry that I have made years ago and have never sold.

Can't wait to go! I haven't gone in AAAAAAGES.
coloring stuff
Sad news everyone, DeviantArt is suddenly the new Photobucket! Just a location to upload the images you came across the net for free!

Saw a picture with a cat yawning? Insert bold-impact font and "I WANTZ A CHEZBURGR" and boom! You have some art! Now this creation must be shared with the world. Clearly your wit and humor will be matched on a site with other witty, humorous and creative people!

Pay no mind that that image was not taken with your camera, It's okay! You can just "credit" them and all will be okay!

Unfortunately DeviantArt has become overrun with these types. Motivational Posters, "Icanhazcheezburgr" types, and for some reason DeviantArt has done nothing about this. Many of these people assume that crediting a photo or anime image or tv show or whatever they may have used for their image is okay.

It isn't.

Unless this image is stock image and that you follow the stock providers TOS, you can't use it. According to our own FAQ

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

It doesn't!

So what can you do as an average user simply sick of seeing this type of stuff? Report it. The report function is our only hope left in a world where people believe this site is just a place for them to upload their ~zomg so funny~ "Artwork". Please use this power and this button and try to return DeviantArt to something slightly credible.