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WIP : Moon Warrior

By kyaterina
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just a sketch i did way late at night instead of sleeping. i like the idea of sailor moon being a real bad bitch in a time of crisis in crystal tokyo. her pretty dresses are neat and all but sometimes you've got to be a BAMF
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that is so bad ass cool
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Have you ever read the BSSM FanFiction, "Dark Serenity" (… )?
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please finish it !
SuoKitten's avatar
Can't wait til this is finished~! She looks like a total badass~! <3
SwordTiger8888's avatar
 MAY I DO a version of this?

This is cool.
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whatever you want homegirl
SwordTiger8888's avatar
so, that's a yes?
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Ooooo, I think the whole anti-hero look on Sailor Moon really suits her well, not to mention that outfit looks a lot prettier in my opinion. :heart:
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i am digging this so far! >:3
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This is sweet! I like!
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....I kinda wanna cosplay this.... WHY CAN I NOT DO BLONDS?!?!!?
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you seem to have very fair skin... perhaps find a blonde shade that suits you? :)
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The problem is it washes me out though I did try a dirtier blond and it worked.... but then it's not Sailor Moon's hair color! ;-;
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her hair is often depicted as pink and white. its all iup in the air :
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This is absolutely beautiful!
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