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Bewitch - Red Witch

By kyaterina
Another girl apart of be★witch

I haven't really come up with much of a story as of now, it's more just designs and sketches. I'd really love to make some kind of puzzle game with these girls...

In a perfect world where I knew how to code and do everything I would make a rhythm game, buuuut I'm not talented enough to draw, write, code, and make music. Just not my thing.

Her archetype is supposed to be a shyer girl, that has a devilish persona on stage when she has transformed
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These girls would be super cute in a game! Maybe you could get hooked up with someone who could do something like that
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Thats the vision I had with these characters, But I'm not too sure how far I can go with that. Right now it's just fun designing girls
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This design is my favorite of the bunch. I like that classic vampire bat style. I like the way you're presenting these two.