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Dat feel when u just don't know anymore

By KYAokay
A quick little picture with messy colors and reaaally messy shading.
It was originally going to be a picture of Flower Child but then I decided that I wanted to make this less personal and more relatable instead. If I drew Flower I'd feel like I have to explain what's up and that I'm annoying everyone with my problems. (and I rather not talk about them freely at the moment) But I ain't the only one with problems, ya know. Everyone feels lost and confused at some point in their life. (or nearly all the time, like me) So even if the delivery is trash, this one is more about the feels. Maybe someday I'll try to remake this to look better and mayyyyybe do it with Flower Child like originally planned.
The clothes are actually meant to be symbolic for the image you put up to others, weather you can pull it off or if it's even the real you. I've been having dreams where clothes take pretty important meanings (as translated by, heh) and I've been thinkin' bout who I am and crap. I've been sketching A LOT about that theme and hopefully I'll be able to finish up some sketches and post some of 'em for ya'll to see c:
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Yeah, I think everyone has been there at some point. Several points. Many points... :D
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Lots of points....Majority of points......All the points :XD:
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Seems legit!
noce picture, by the way.

also: (properly puts the clothes on derpy)
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Did you steal Lyra's pants?
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At least she didn't say "I just don't know what went wrong!", gotta love the pants and shirt though. Makes me wonder how she got that sock up there to begin with XD
Really nice work, especially on her mane. Looks very rough and unkempt, perfect for the situation. :) Interesting symbolism, you bring up some interesting points too. Hmm...well, I certainly didn't expect to be contemplating today all thanks to a pic of a mis-dressed Derpy =P
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Thank you very much! ^^
Anything can be a reason to contemplate the day (and life)~
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Oh I know that situation very well :D
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Derpy, just stay nude.  It'll make your life a lot less complicated. :( (Sad) 
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Yep. Been there. Every morning when I wake up for work.
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Well, final week of school for me! :D Then we can be the cray-cray once more! :squee:
*Gamkitty jumps onto potato's lap* :meow:
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Oooo, you're so luckyyy >.< I still have two weeks of school left.. Once that's done, we can REALLY be the cray-cray group~
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Hahah. Me sometimes :) 
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