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Christian girl in Japan

Christian girl in Japan.

Artwork : KYAN-DOG
Project : amakusa46 [link]

In about 1637, Edo, Japan,
Christian Japanese people were suppressed by the then govemment.
They rose in a riot, "Shimabara_Rebellion", which was peasant's revolt at Shimabara in 1637-1638.
(see wiki [link])

This is the historical fact at now Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture, in Japan,
but this pict girl is a fictitious character I imagined like a super heroine of fantasy.

Check my movie :)
1. [link]
2. [link]


My channel.

Thank you.
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I like great technique!
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This is absolutely phenomenal. I love it.
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I am in search of some Japanese work on the massacres of Christians in Japan.
Your style is quite good.
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You are soo good :3
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absolutley great!
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HOLY MOLY i was listening to 4h30 by Danger when I clicked this picture...and the beginning of the song suits it so well...
I've always found Christianity a little creepy (please don't be offended - my own personal ... childhood trauma!)
so I find the image very fitting.

Absolutely amazing rendition - she's powerful, a little macabre - but bears a sence of religious power and foreboding.

the goverment did that i think and the others tride to push god on some one i am christian and i dont push ^^
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Wow, that's effing crazy.
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really cool stuff, and wow that detail!
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wow, this is beautiful beyond words~
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This piece is so stunning with the images and how you captured it in a tone of stained glass yet soft, bold colors as well. I especially like the dark line work and shading as well. Gives it a very western comic book feel with the stained glass like looks of the right side. Fantastic job once again!
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